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Big Vic


And here is Freeman to compare to Yates routine. Wow.


Freeman used to also be an exotic dancer. He poses like he acted on stage for 15 years.


Wow... seems like some men got issues with their sexuality... lol.

A man who's confident about his sexuality would not even see or think 'gay' in those poses.

But as a woman, I'd say I got wet watching Vic's poses :wink:

Hot stuff.




I think the whole argument is stupid. If anyone is looking at naked men posing its going to be considered different or gay. Let's say you're in a public place and you pull up Yates or Kai or whomever. 8/10 people are going to assume its gay porn.


He was caressing himself and shaking his ass at the audience, of which I am a part, since I am watching the thing. Do you really want to argue semantics?

LOL, it's all good man, I think dancing like you're a stripper in front of a room full of (I can only assume) mostly dudes is fucking gay. That is all. You're not going to dissuade me from that opinion.

They probably don't think of it that way, and I'm not saying bodybuilding or bodybuilders are gay.

If I were in a room full of chicks I'd be doing the same shit. So it's not so much WHAT he's doing, it's WHO he's doing it for.

I can still appreciate an awesome physique, even if the dude is moving like he wants a $20 stuffed down his trunks.

OH, ONE MORE THING: Arnold and Franco were learning how to move gracefully between poses at the beginning of Pumping Iron. There were no "dance moves" involved.


Exactly...so for people who claim to actually follow bodybuilding to do it is ridiculous.

The average person associates a man standing in a picture in a thong with porn.

Bodybuilding isn't for average people.

Therefore, why is this discussion here for a video with ZERO erotic gestures in it?

They didn't pull out Kai Greene, they said it about Vic.

There is just something a little gay about seeing gay everywhere.


I'ts not a dance off or a strip club. It's a bodybuilding competition. NO ONE wins because they have most suggestive moves or most back flips and hand stands.


Right - so why not just submit photo entries to the judges?

Why make the posing routine public? Couldn't they just do it backstage?

Why entertain the crowd at all? We go to the show, they have the judging backstage and display the results. I mean who wants to see naked men period right cuz you gotz the ghey!!

Each competitor could just send photos of all the mandatories along with a certified testament of their ht, wt and bf. Make it easy on everyone right?


Actually...it's a SHOW. That is the point of the posing routine. If it wasn't, they would have done away with MUSIC during the posing routine about 50 years ago.

These arguments are making little sense.

People pay to be entertained. They don't go to a bodybuilding show to just see clothed pictures of the bodybuilders next to a list of who won.

Further, if you aren't even a fan of bodybuilding, why do you care?

These complaints are really coming from people who follow this shit closely?


bet you took many trips with him to the VIP didnt you?


Who said the prejudging or that all posing routines were gay or overly suggestive?


Since when do you have to be a fan of stripper dancing to be a bodybuilding fan? LOL


this guys caught my eye a few years ago....


More and more women ARE attending BBing shows, so the moves that guys like Vic and Tony are doing are for their enjoyment. And if some gay dudes are there enjoying it as well, so be it. In fact who really gives a shit if any competitor is gay (remember Bob Paris)? These guys are finding ways to display their individual physiques, and their posing routines do that in a way that expresses said individual.

If you're offended by it, don't attend the show. If you're getting a boner over it and can't face up to the fact that YOU MIGHT BE GAY, deal with it, or don't go to the show.


"you might ME GAY"

little homo




It doesn't bother me when guys "dance" between poses. It's just a more fluid way of transitioning IMO... BUT I think it's a little over the top when they do "stripper" type moves/sexualize their routines.

Have some swag, pop and lock it all you want but if you're swirling your hips and rubbing your body, that's too much if you ask me (which no one did)

The Vid in the OP was completely fine IMO... The one Maiden posted, not so much lol


Agreed. I found the second video to be... meh, just kinda shitty overall. I could watch a video of Yates or Haney posing with my girlfriend, parents, friends, and whoever else watching it with me. I would feel fine being associated with something like that. Doing stripper moves on stage just cheapens the sport, IMO. Have some dignity.


back to the subject, Victor Martinez doesn't stand a chance in the top 3, imo... past his prime. It is for Phil's to take!