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Big Vic



Whoa! Sharpen him up and Jay & Phil will have their hands full.


That posing routine was so gay it nearly melted my computer monitor.

Dude looks massive though.




I watched it again, but didn't see any gay parts.


I am missing what was so gay about that routine. He did all of the poses. That's it.

I mean, if you see gay everywhere......


Compare that with any of the posing routines in Pumping Iron. The dancing, gyrating, ass shaking, etc is so homoerotic that it's hilarious that this is even being called into question.


Pumping Iron was over 3 decades ago. Many things change. Those old-schoolers posed to a different genre of music back then and their routines reflected that. Today's guys use more upbeat music and subsequent modern dance moves follow, naturally.

If you're offended by modern gyrations, you'd have been like those old farts in the 50's when their kids were watching Elvis gyrating all over the place.


Wow, dude. So, what...you missed the last 4 decades?


if i had quads like that i'd be rubbin' myself in banana oil and dance for old ladies at the community centre


Nothing wrong with the posing, but I certainly wouldn't mind if they went back to the old type of posing trunks.


That's one of the things I would prefer too. I also prefer the Mandatories to be as they used to be. I'm not a fan of the wide-legged poses (it reduces the up-sweep effect that the classic poses had), nor do I like the ridiculous "posturing" while working up to a call-out pose.
Also, they no longer have a truly relaxed pose.


Not to take anything away from Vic but I think he wont look the part when standing next to the like of Jay and Phil..


Ya it's hard to watch. Not very noticeble with Victor because others are sooooo much worse. Greene and Freeman are just unwatchable for me for those reasons. Yates was probably the best with the epic music and absence of the gyrations, gayness.

X2 on vic not having much of a chance but you never know.


What a beast, one of my favorites for sure. I would like nothing more than for him to come in shredded and prove everyone wrong. In good condition he would be more than deserving of a top 5 place and put up a fight against the top 3.

How on earth is that posing gay? It is a guest posing, he is supposed to have fun and entertain the crowd. Although he obviously doesnt have the best rythm there is nothing wrong with moving to the bloody music.
If everyone had done the same kind of posing to the same kind of music all these years it would be boring.

Its showmanship and will always be a part of the sport whether you like it or not. Arnold and other 'golden era' bodybuilders where the showman of their time as well and had a different posing style to those before them.


They also started Pumping Iron posing with a ballet teacher.....but those same people applauding that era see "gay" everywhere now but not then?

Seriously, if anyone here sees that routine as truly "gay", you may have some internal issues to work out....ESPECIALLY if you have really followed bodybuilding for a long time.




Yes. Cutler and Ronnie also come to mind.


So you're saying eventually I'll get used to watching a guy in a banana hammock caressing himself and shaking his ass/hips at me?

I've honestly never been a big fan of the posing routines, though some of them are pretty cool (IE Yates). I like seeing the mandatory poses and the posedowns more.


? Vic was caressing himself and shaking his ass at you?

What I'm saying is anyone who would jump in and call bodybuilding gay right now would have done the exact same thing in the "Golden Era".

Like I just wrote, they started that movie with Arnold and Franco practicing dance moves with a ballerina. You could make all kinds of judgments just from the first scene.

That means jumping in today and acting like the posing routines are gay means you are probably just looking for shit to complain about.....because nothing here was any sort of eroticism.

I could see if you pulled out one of Kai Greene's flamboyant routines....but to call out Vic for that is ridiculous.....and you know it.