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Big Upper Body and Chicken Legs


So I've been back to the gym for a few months now and I've noticed a bunch of guys at my gym who look like giant V's.

Can anyone help me understand why this happens?? Can't these people see they look retarded? Do they not notice how small their legs are? How can they spend so much time on their upper body and neglect their lower body??

anyways, hoping someone can shed some light on this..


Same reason people like Greg Valentino think they look good.


The guy in the picture has a very odd physique, legs aside (which you really can't see). But one shoulder is lower than the other and his lower body seems overall too short for his upper body.


Would read again.


ummm Is that pic looks like an Old John J. Rambo on skid row..."ITS BEEN A LONG ROADDDDDDD..." MANNNN 'FIRST BLOOD WAS THE FLICK BACK IN THE DAY"

  1. the guy in that photo isn't built anywhere so why worry about his legs (not to mention they are covered up)?

  2. I have never seen someone REALLY built who had no leg development. Pointing out some guy who is simply larger than average and comparing that to serious weight lifters is a little off.

  3. Why would you care anyway? Most people don't lift for ANY body part.


So true.
Off the top of my head, Bill Grant had small legs. But probably not from lack of work. He got dealt a bad hand in the genetics game.


...and he still must have had at least 27" quads I would guess. He also competed before the push for bigger quads than that.




Does that guy know that you took his pic and posted it on the intertoobz?


At my Japanese gym there is a guy with the biggest upper body to lower body discrepancy I have yet to see. His name is Kenji and he says "fuck" a lot. I think it's the only English word he knows. Pretty much after every set he'll simply say "fuck" and put his weights back.

He's not IFBB huge, but his upper body would probably get a 7.5 or an 8 if he posted it in RMP.

His legs...you'd see bigger legs on an 80 year old shuffleboard player in Florida. Not quite, but close. There was such a difference that I wondered if he had had a motorcycle accident and was re-learning to walk, or peroneal nerve damage, or polio, or SOMETHING.....but nope, his friends tell me that he wants to keep his legs small because it's fashionable (skinny jeans?)

I'm going to try and snap a picture the next time I'm in...


LOL - his lower body may seem short because he's sporting what I've taken to calling "the Hobbit look." That's where a guy wears shorts to below the knee along with hi-top sneakers or sometimes work boots. Unless you're pushing 7-feet and built like Manut Bol, this style will make anyone's legs look too short for their upper body.


I remember Grant back in the '80s when I was a kid first getting interested in lifting. I disagree he got dealt a bad hand genetically. Just look at the length and shape of his biceps and triceps. I agree with you that his upper/lower proportions have more to do with the judging standards for bodybuilding back then - a time when aesthetics still mattered.


Terry Crews


Yes, he does and I checked and he said it's OK. Thanks for asking.


Holy Shit someone's going to be heart-broken about this one! Good find!


hand up/sniffle



hahahaha Give the brother some slack he's 42 hahahahaha. And those legs took him thru 6 Seasons in the NFL as a Defensive End hahahahah. Ok how long did it take you to paste all those pics in that screen.


12 seconds, it's one picture


The chicken legs thing is definitely something I noticed in Asia. At this one gym I went to, there were a few soccer players with decent leg development and guess what? They are asking the trainers to put them on a program to slim down their legs. WTF? The trainers all looked retarded with fairly large upper bodies and chicken legs. Plenty of guys can pulldown and seated row more than they can deadlift or squat.

Wow, I'm surprise.