Big Up for Powerfirm

As per Christians recommendation, I decided to go with Powerfirm for my weightlifting shoe needs. While I haven’t as yet received the shoes, I am more than impressed by their customer service. Not only have my inquires been responded to promptly, but they’re sending me 2 pairs so that I can decide which fit better and they’re entrusting that I send a pair back! On top of this they’ve made arrangements for the shoes to arrive within 3 business days rather than the normal 3-4 weeks. I must say that I am most impressed and wanted to give a big bump for Powerfirm!

Wow!!! That IS customer service. I’m glad that there are still great companies like this, who go for total satisfaction. Do they make wide width shoes? The reason I’m asking, is that I have wide feet, especially at the “knuckle” where the big toe connects to the foot itself. Since I work in a hardware store, I’m always walking around in Red Wing boots, and I can’t stand to lift while wearing cross-trainers, as they feel like wearing bedroom slippers. I’d wear my work boots to the gym, but I’m not into that 80’s meathead, mullet pro-bodybuilder look. -The Starkdog

Starkdog, that’s actually why he’s sending the second pair, to assure that the width of my feet is accommodated for.

Simply fantastic. Do they have a website, or can you give some alternate means for getting in touch with them? I’d like to price some of their wares!

(Kinda reminds me of Biotest costomer service, actually.)

Yet another great example of a company in a socialist country unclear on capitalist concepts! :slight_smile:

The website for the shoes is

Now I’m not sure what if anything else they sell or if there is a main webpage. There is a link to their email on the page and I’m sure they’ll answer any questions sent their way.