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Big Ugly and Not Getting Any Younger


Hello my name in Andy I have been a lurker on this site over the years never have posted. I trying to put a full year of training together (something I have not been able to do since my days of playing football). The reason I never seem to be able keep up with my training is Iâ??m the king of excuses. So I figured if I start posting a log and tracking my results I will stop with the excuses. Background: 37 years old stand 6 feet 5 inches and currently weigh 357 lbs. I played college football and completed in Track and field at the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota. Iâ??m married with two kids and work in the transportation industry and do not work normal hours. I have a home gym and various strongman implements. My goals are just to drop some body fat and put a solid year of training together. I like Wendlerâ??s 5/3/1 program and will be using it for now. Iâ??m sure I have left some info out so feel free to ask questions.

Monday 1/3/10
Weight 357

Bench day

Flat Bench

135x10 2 sets
315x6 (Had another one in me but 6 is what I wanted)


BWx 8x 4sets

Bent over Rows

225x8x 3 sets

Leg raises

10x 3 sets

Pushdowns with 2 monster mini bands

20x 2 sets


Welcome to the more mature crowd. I'm getting younger. I feel a bit bad that you aren't :slight_smile:


Thanks for the Welcome. I know your only as old as you feel so in a few months I plan on feeling younger.


Welcome to the nuthouse. Look forward to following your log!


Welcome Andy. I will enjoy watching your progress. Good luck!


Thanks for the welcomes everyone. I'm working nights this month (12 hrs shifts) so I'm sleeping during the day and get up around 1430 and my plan is to get my workouts in at this time. I Have not squated in 9 months so I'm in for some epic sorness but I have nobody to blame but myself. Here we go


Back squats (5/3/1) on 5
365x5 got 6 had a couple more

Stiff leg GM's
135x10 3 sets

5sets of 10 various movements.

not much work but I can already feel it and do not look forward to the next few days!


Welcome Andy - you have the company of a lot of 5-3-1 (or variations) junkies, umm, I mean faithful here. As well as a few non-believers and apostates...


I'm an apostate.

Nice to meet you, Andy. Another big, strapping boy!


I like the simplicity of the 5/3/1 program and have always made gains while doing it. That being said I think if you lift had and stay consistent and listen to your body you will make gains on most programs. I remember lifting in high school following the Bigger Faster Stronger and latter the Russian Program( not sure if that was actually the name or not but its what we called it) and I always made gains as long I lifted heavy and hard.



You are a monster sent to these boards to make me feel bad about myself. It's nice to see you come in and just start banging out big weights after a 9 month vacation. Good work and good luck I look forward to watching you progress.


Welcome, thats good lifting.


Legs are sore today but not as bad as I expected. No lifting today Military Pressing tomorrow.

25 minutes HIIT

I really need to start stretching I will work on that.


Don't worry next week I when I post my Deadlift numbers my achilles heel will be exposed. lol!


Friday 1/7/11
185x5 got seven

Upright Rows
135x12 3 sets

Lateral side raises

110x15 3 sets


Welcome to the 'I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was' crowd. And I see you're doing 5/3/1. Mj is gonna miss another meal!


Monday 1/10/11
Scooped snow for about an hour to get out of my drive way. Drove 5 hrs for work.

weight 345

25 minutes of HIIT at motel fitness center

3 set of abs.


Thursday 1/13/11
Bench Training

Flat Bench
135x10 2 sets
340x3 got 4 left one in the tank maybe two but I don't have a spotter so I played it safe.

bent over rows
185x10 3 sets

BWx10 5 sets

Hanging leg raises

3 sets of 10


Friday 1/14/11

20 minutes HIIT


Sunday 1/16/11

10 stretch and PVC roller


135x5x2 sets
365x5 got 7

225x12x4 sets

side raises

110x12x3 sets


Wednesday training

95x10 2 sets
200x3 got 6

Reverse Upright rows (not sure if thats what its called)
135x12 3 sets

Facepulls with 2 monster mini's

20x4 sets

upper back is tight from deads on sunday. Lost 2 more pounds weighed 343 on monday.