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Big Time Nerd News Here...


Prepare to shit a brick, friends...

First I'll start off with the light stuff. I plugged my external HD into my XBOX 360 and lo-and-behold that bad boy played all of my .avi files. If you don't know what I'm talking about then this isn't the thread for you.

Now for the real kicker.....


Streaming on-demand videogames. This site will allow you to play Crysis on a shit computer that can barely play older games. This service will KILL xbox & PS3. You may shite bricks now.


I saw this last night as well, as well as a friend I know who works for Sony who said that the idea of PS4 having a Blu Ray player is becoming more and more slim. This is due to increased availibility of streaming videos, TV, and movies.


Simulthread activate!!!!!!


3D gaming is the probably the future anyway. Thats my guess. All of this shite will become obsolete very fast... I hope! :slight_smile:

God I love tech stuff.