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Big Time Nerd News Here...


Prepare to shit a brick, friends.....

First I'll start off with the light stuff. I plugged my external HD into my XBOX 360 and lo-and-behold that bad boy played all of my .avi files. If you don't know what I'm talking about then this isn't the thread for you.

Now for the real kicker......


Streaming on-demand videogames. This site will allow you to play Crysis on a shit computer that can barely play older games. This service will KILL xbox & PS3. You may shite bricks now.


If I don't understand your post does this mean I am not a nerd?


huh, whats going on?


No, you're still a nerd. Just a different kind of nerd. :slight_smile:


Sounds nice, but I don't see how they are going to get around the same lag problems that affect online MMO's. Plus it won't kill Xbox or Playstation since there is no offline play.

Was there an update on Xbox Live that now allows all AVI files to read?


XBOX360 playing all your .avi files, that's a start. But I have to say the new ixtreme 1.51 firmware that just came out recently beats your news :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And for Onlive, it could be that ONE console generation


Yea I needed an update which was presumably a codec. The important thing is that it recognized the HD as a "portable device" and was able to see all the files. I think this means that we can now use external drives in lieu of the stupid xbox HDs, but I'm not totally sure about that.

The whole watching media files on the tv thing is totally awesome though. Streaming has worked for awhile, but I could never figure it out because I had a Mac set up as my primary comp on my network which didn't work for streaming.


Are you talking about the new feature of backing up your games onto your xbox's HD? I did this and it's great for games like Oblivion that run loud as hell, but you have to have the game in the console to run from your HD, so it's not as if piracy is an option... Or am I missing something?

Please do tell.


How does this onlive work? How can some old shit box computer render the graphics packets streamed by the onlive server for instance?


Am I missing something? I've been playing AVI's on my 360 for over 6 months now, from my external hard drive.

As for streaming with a Mac, look up Connect360.

You need to keep up with the Geek S*** thread. :wink:


Your computer is basically just playing a video; it just has to decode/decompress the info it is being sent in addition to sending command inputs. The actual rendering is being done on the server side of things.

The claims they are making smell like bullshit, and I really don't see this taking off at all.


Damn. What's this on my shoes? Oh!... nerd shit.
Oops. I wandered into the wrong thread.




I see, well yeah that was my next question is if the rendering is done server side then wouldn't they need a server that's like 10 times more powerful than any currently available? I've also never heard of a server with a graphics card, just copious amounts of ram and insane processing power. It's a badass concept but just sounds too good to be true.


Even if they have that part of it sorted out, I still don't see how it'd work with most people's internet connections. I personally don't know anybody who can stream 720p video at 60fps which I think the OnLive folks have said they achieved and surpassed. I mean, I've read some previews of the service where they said it worked, but it was being demoed on a computer not twenty feet away from the server over a gigabyte network connection. Definitely more of an ideal setup than is practical.

So the user inputs a command, the command is sent to the server side of things where the game is rendered and the command is carried out, then the video is encoded or compressed or whatever, and it gets sent back to the user where it is decompressed? How is that even possible? The lag would be horrendous. How much would this cost someone whose ISP has bandwidth caps?

This thing stands no chance.


Video games are for babies.

This cartoon will test if you are a real nerd or not.


I don't speak German, is that why I don't get it?


A real nerd would not need to speak German to get it; therefore this just means you're not a nerd.

You may pass Go now and collect your $200.


I see, I will now hang my head in shame.


Probably just me. I don't even remember the last time I tried to play an AVI file on my XBOX. My 360 is for gaming and Netflix, since my computer is already plugged into my home theatre.


I need to move house before I buy a home theatre system so my 360 takes it's place for now. :slight_smile: