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Big Three Plateu Breaking Training Methods


sup guys, can you recommend training methods to break bench, squat, and deadlift plateu, more specifically, im not really talking about rep ranges here, more exercise related. I want some rack recommendations.

I perform rack pulls, and rack presses with the safety bars 7 holes up or so, and they definiately seem to help. What else can you do with the rack to mix things up. How should I play around with the rack to hit squatting weak points. 1 more question, as far as front squats are performed, did they help you increase your back squats?


bench related....I just started these yesterday.

pin presses , but with the pins(safety bars) set so they're barely touching your chest . each rep comes to a dead-stop , so you gotta push like hell to get the bar moving upward .

these seem to hit the pecs/shoulders in a way thats quite different from regular press motion. I did 5's , a 3, and a single I think . then I followed them up with 2 and 3 board presses....doubles and singles ; but a guy could always do higher pin-presses instead of the boards ( I like the boards better than high-pins) I did my PP's with a full arch , but doing them arch-less could be another variation.

suspended-chain good-mornings could be something to look into for lower-body . I cant comment on them as I've never done them.


deadlifts standing on a platform+chains or bands.


enough with that dead-lift crap already

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good idea



to clarify what I meant to say in my first response.....

set the pins low enough so that the BARBELL barely touches the chest when resting on the pins.

I said it kinda worng the first time


I think I'm going to set up aeobics steps on each side of the bench and use the same concept after 2 more weeks of floor pressing for me ME movement.


I'm rediculously well built to pull. My torso is way too short for my body, and I can touch the bottom of my quads while standing straight up. Reading back on my log, I can do some really stupid shit for DL and make progress. lol.


what ?

you mean your fingertips dangle to a couple inches above your knee-caps while standing perfectly up-right ?






Anderson Progressions - choose a weight you want to be able to press/squat/pull. Set up the rack so the ROM is such that you can press/squat/pull this weight. Over the next weeks, progressively increase the ROM.

Front Squats will definitely help your back squat if this is what YOU need to progress. A shoulder injury forced me to do nothing but front squats and GHRs for several weeks, I came back stronger than ever.