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Big Thank You to Jim Wendler


Having read most of Jim's books, I would have thought the last thing he need's/wants is smoke blown up his a$$, but, I have been brought up to always say thank you if someone has done me a good turn.

I started training (bodybuilding) back in 2006 and loved it. Then, after my second child, I lost my way and became disenfranchised with the whole game. This was because of various reasons. One of which was the amount of narcissistic vag's who are injecting themselves with all manner of things for no other purpose than to "look good". Each to there own I say but that kind of atmosphere was not for me.

Fast forward a few years. I'm now divorced but having gained 50% custody of my two little miracles I decided to get my a$$ back in the gym. I needed something to focus on, something with goals to set and to achieve, something that I would have to work my guts out with and if I failed I would only have myself to blame and I found it, Jim Wendler's 5-3-1.

I've only been running the program for 3 months or so but the gains I've made are amazing. I'm in a gym environment that is conducive to hard work and not how dark your spray tan is. Most of all, I'm enthused with my training which makes me happy.

Many of my work colleagues are now doing the programme and I feel like the local Wendler expert!

Anyway, cut to the chase, thank's Jim for helping me to get my s$it together and start lifting.


Wales, UK


We all like a little gray smoke on the brown eye. I’m glad to have been a small part in getting your ass back into gear. Congrats on the divorce (no good marriages end up in divorce!) and finding your way.

Thanks for sharing with me - still makes me happy to see people kicking ass.


[quote]Jim Wendler wrote:
We all like a little gray smoke on the brown eye.[/quote]

As a literature professor, I really appreciate all the figurative language at work here. :smiley: