Big Tex Gym - Austin, TX

Big Tex Gym is a new hardcore gym in Austin, TX that provides members with everything you need to excel in your sport. We have a 4800 sq ft weight room, boxing, strongman equipment, a power room, chains, sleds, tractor tires, and more. We hold monthly events for members to compete and help break through goals in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

All our staffs have experienced in providing personal training in bodybuilding and powerlifting, nutrition advice, and contest prep. We also offer Olympic and strongman style training that will boost you to the next level of competition.

Call or come see us Monday through Thursday 6am-11pm, Friday 6-10pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm. (24/7 door access coming soon)

Big Tex Gym, “Hardcore training at a friendly neighborhood gym”

1921 Cedar Bend Dr. #A130, Austin, TX 78758

Good luck to y’all. Do y’all do day passes? I get to Austin a couple times of years.

Y’all are out near Parmer and Metric, right? Not too far from one of the ACC campuses I took summer courses at.

What are y’all’s policies for drop-ins and visitors? I live in Lafayette, La, but my folks live in Austin. I usually hang about Austin for a week or two at a time when I visit. I also work in the oil field on a 14/14 rotation. Between not having much gym equipment on the rig, and no usual place to lift in Austin it might be six weeks before I pick up anything heavier than 225lbs. Which is pretty damn depressing.

If y’all don’t mind an occasional drifter, I wouldn’t mind coming in and paying for a couple weeks use when I’m in town.

Yup. We do day and week passes… We would love for you to come by and check us out. Exactly rite Bujo! You know exactly where we are! Haha… Tell all your austin friends. Ha! Look forward to seeing you both! Check out our fan page and become a fan! Big Tex Gym Amin - Manager

I hope this isn’t the grand marketing strategy.

Impressive rite?? It was this or a giant inflatable dumbbell…