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Big Swelling After Recent Injection

So i have been doing trt for a couple of months and so far i had some minor pip and no swelling. The oil i used was thin and easy to inject…

Now i was using some thicker oil and 24 hours after injection i was getting this really large swelling on my butt. Its large as a sausage and i mean a big sausage… Its basically going from one side of my ham, over the injection site and all the way to my tailbone… Its basically going the same way as my musche fibres…

Its not soft and mushy, not red and not warm, its not really hard either, it kinda feel like my muscle is swollen, and when i squeeze my glute the swelling also swell up, so much that i can see the entire thing like if someone put a damn banana under my skin…

It feels like ordinary pip, i can basically sit on it without twisting in pain, i do have a minor fewer and feel abit saggy…

I wouldnt be worried if it wasnt so big as it is, im thinking it cant be an infection since it got big so fast, the pain was greater in the beginning and now 3 days later the pain is really low but the swelling is the same maby a little bit larger but not to an extent.

Should i just take some anti inflammatory meds and wait a bit, or is it like a really bad reaction to the oil that can get worse?


How much are you injecting (volume)?

1ml with 320mg test.

I inject using 29 gauge 1/2" insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads, I’m using cypionate/cottonseed 20mg every 2 days as well. I’m also over 30% BF.

Never had any problems.

May do better with that large of a dose to split it up into 2 injections a week instead of one large injection.

Its really not that much with 1ml? and the thinner oil was fine, im thinking that the ticker oil is different and maby i just had a reaction?

Basically trying to find ppl with similar experience… I read abit about abcess, and this is not like what i read. Still abcess surely can manifest in different ways…

If its abcess it would be comparable to the mass of a damn banana lol… If thats the case, i should have some serious issues already? :o

1mL is not too much, but you could be injecting a lot smaller amounts. I for example inject 0.25ml 3X / week and have no pip or swelling issues. Everybody is different though.

Do you rotate sites?

I have not rotated sites, and im starting to figure that this might be the cause of the size of the swelling… If im already kinda a sore in the muscle, this new oil thats making me react just made it worse.

But the last 3-4 shots i had with the other oil didnt even leave it sore.

Well gonna try to get some sleep, but if i have this large lump but no redness or pain i think it should not be a problem?

It happens time to time. If it’s not red and weird colors it’s finr. That’s what I was told. I’d ifs tender and a little swollen it def could be the ester. Maybe you injected to fast , who knows. Try going slow and switch sites often. Also try the arms and other areas. Glutes suck anyways.

Ok so its been awhile, the swelling settled a few days after, so i decided to go in my other ham… Same thing happened again. So it just seem im reacting to the BA (benzyl alcohol) in my thick oil. Im getting chills, fever and a little exhausted.

But im gonna man up and empty this vial :blush:

Yah that sucks try grape seed oil. I haven’t heard of anyone ever having issues with this yet. It’s the option most folks turn to when having allergic reactions.

Found another oil with just about a percent of BA in it, first jab i got a bit of swelling, but the next didnt even leave a pip… :slight_smile:

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