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Big Sus 250/Deca and HGH Cycle Advice


Hi guys,
I've been lifting for 15 years and solid for the last 5 years and done a lot of cycles.
I get most my gains say around the 1000mg weeks mark but i'm about to up it again for my next cycle so hereis my info, any advice would be great...

height 5'11
weight 105kg(231)
bf 19%

I plan on doing 1ml sus250 EOD and 1ml Deca 200mg/ml mon/thur also I
will be injecting 2iu Genatropin a day for the first 2 weeks then bumping it up to
3iu a day.
I have my diet dialed in and also mixing cardio in with my training to get my bf down, also
hoping the hgh helps with that.

For PCT i will start genox20(tamoxifin) 2 weeks after my last injection and start hcg at the start of my 3rd week after last injection.
I've never had gyno problems befor and have always run my PCT the same as above.
Ive had sore kidneys once or twice but that come from have a couple of drinks. So I no longer drink while cycling...

any advice would be great thanks guys



Maybe you mean liver?


I mean kidney's, as I got sore in my lower back while drinking. It happened a couple of times so I just didn't again while I was cycling


When exactly are you planning on running hcg?


3 weeks after my last sus/deca shot