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Big, Strong, Badass... Yet Sexy


I use lotion.

I brush my teeth.

I take showers during the day.

I smell fucking great.

This thread is for those of us who bust ass in the gym but also realize we need to keep our asses clean.

If you look like this is your first week in the gym, do not particpate in this thread.

We do not care about you.

You do NOT matter.

Only our clean asses and our big weight lifted and our big muscles matter.

I'll start.....Buy a fucking back scrubber if you lift weights. The mega-back-acne look went out with the 80's


Buy a Japanese style wash cloth they are nylon and stetch, basically a scruffy except long and flat. If your back is HUGE and you have problems just getting your arms over your shoulders this will hit it. You will thank the Lawd above for this advice.


-Shampoo/Conditioning my hair. You cant hate on the Long, Flowing, curly Greek Locks. My hair is ADORNED!

"I brush my teeth.

I take showers during the day [usually 2]

I smell fucking great. "


[edit] I have to be honest Prof, i half expected to open this thread seeing it was dedicated to me =p


+1 for the srubber. you can pick one up at walmart for $3 with firm bristles.
Hard to imagine people walk around w/o scrubbing their nutz.

Also - Change your Gym Clothes - Daily. Just because you got a light sweat doesn't mean you can keep wearing that stuff. While you're at walmart pick up extra shorts and a tank for $10.


wipes..... use em


Thank you for starting this thread Professor, I think it's actually funny that people would rag on someone who is interested in taking care of their bodies inside and out. Let's face it, hygiene and vanity are a part of our persona, at least they should be. Things like skin that looks and feels healthy, good smelling cologne, and good breathe should be staples of someone who is eating properly for their goals.

My girl last night commented on how I never had body odor (as I was getting blown), yet was puzzled because I workout a lot. Given her mouthful, I felt compelled to explain to her that I always change my clothing, shower after my workouts, and almost feel the need since she takes such good care of herself as well. Attractive people like other attractive people, while savages settle for other savages because that is all they can get.

Fellas, take care of yourself, you are more likely to get your girl to be more willing to try new shit. You don't want to be known as they stinky fucker at your gym or among friends. Also, NEVER underestimate the importance women have for nice smells, especially cologne.


Uh, I shower and wear deodorant and stuff, But I don't think I do the whole sexy thing. I don't really care about my appearance other than whats acceptable for work.




I don't have a scrubber. My M.O. is to use a hand towel (you know, bigger than washcloth, smaller than towel) and use it as wash cloth. You can grab one end high and opposite hand low and scrub your back.

I loves the AXE line of soap/deodorant.

And don't forget-- you need to wash your gym clothes, too, you stinky fuckers. I use Tide w/Febreeze and a scoop of Borax powder in the wash.

Teeth: I just got one of these: http://www.oralb.com/products/pulsarprohealth/

Never underestimate the power of not smelling like shit. Clean your asses, bitches!


Yeah, I thought it was dedicated to me.


You got my vote.


Its seriously disgusting how many Taco shop + Bleach smelling fuckers there are at my gym. You know you smell bad when I have to alter my workout so i dont have to be next to you lol.


What a bunch of fucking homos, I shower once per week, My man must attractz all teh Hot Bitchizzz. Also I don't use soap, I just basically stand uner the water until I am bored and then get out and shake off.

Half of the cologne you dweebs buy is actually my sweat bottled up and sold for a 2000% markup. I have little asian girls who follow me around and collect it.




You GO, boyee!


I have to thoroughly scrub/clean my ass crack 3x a day and change my boxers that amount also, I sit down alot and because no air gets there the skin starts to break/bleed... =(

My gums started to receed quite badly because of all the steak I am constantly chewing, caused some bad inflammation there, so I have tenderize my steak a shit load (it's fun and noisy).
And I now brush/floss after every steak meal which ends up me brushing my teeth 4x a day, and I now buy some expensive gum/tooth sensodyne toothpaste which is brown and tastes like mosquito repellant...

If I don't use some right guard anti-perspirant I'll have to change clothes quite a lot during the day due to all the sweating, so that saves me like a day of laundry.

Recently I bought some moisturiser for my hands, all the chalk I use at the gym makes them painfully dry, and If I go swimming or take a bath they shrivel up like a 100 year old mans in about 2 minutes.

Plus lots of baby wipes and a scrubbing brush for my back, because I can't for the fucking life of me reach my middle back now.

That being said, it's hard to smell nice sometimes due to passing gas probably twice as often as the normal person.


Last night this dude OD'd with baby powder of all things. He walked past me to do his stability ball bullshit and I caught a whiff. Almost passed out!


lmao this


I babypowder my thighs before real heavy pulls. I don't know how you could almost pass out smelling babypowder of all things.




Lets hope no one farts around you, you may die.