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Big Slice of Humble Pie...

and Going Back for Seconds because it’s the done thing.

My first post and I have to say it’ll probably be the most important one for me. To cut to the chase I’m 16, around 11 stone 3 or 4 and stand about 5ft7 inches. My bodyfat is probably around 10-12%. Not overly lean but no spare tires yet either. My goal is to get as big naturally as my genetics will allow at this young an age. I also enjoy running and mountain biking and such so it’ll be interesting to see what happens to my fitness as I get bigger. As for the lifting stats:

Deadlift: 146kg x 1
Bench: Don’t use BB to bench, but DB bench is 35kg’s x4
OHP: Was actually a clean and then press but about 61kg- not tooo far from my BW

And here’s where the humble pie comes in. For a while, I’d say from when I started training aged 13 to joining a gym aged 15 I trained at home in the garage. Training was pretty crap, 3 x a week, full body and same exercises, no legs, not enough back all that shit. Combine that with not enough food and (obv) lower hormone levels and I’d have been lucky to have gained about 6 lbs in that first year of training.

It was only when I switched to a real gym and better program that I put on a bit more. I currently weigh around 156lbs, which is about 71 kg. Compared to a friend of the same age/height/bodyfat I weigh around 21 lbs more. I know ths isn’t exactly scientific but I’d say as a rough guess that’s how much I’ve put on since starting training just before turning 14.

Even considering my age and lack of knowledge it’s pretty shit.

To be humbled even further I tried to squat for the first time today. I thought my legs were quite strong, that a 390lb lift on a stack loaded leg press was good. I was wrong. Silenced by 60kg for 3 clumsy reps. I’ve recently joined a more ‘hardcore’ gym in a basement of some health club which has a squat rack. My previous gym was a fitness centre which whilst it was okay for what I wanted at the the time, I now know it’s obsolete if getting bigger is a primary goal.

I have around 6 weeks membership left at the old gym so I’ll have to go to both simultaneuosly for a bit- after which I’ll commit to 4 or 5 day a week split for around 4 months at the end of which I’ll take a progress note and if needed reevaluate my goals.

As for tonight’s workout:

60kg x 3 ( huge metaphorical kick to the gonads)
40kg x 12
50kg x 8
50kg x 6

Leg Press- First time using plate loaded so angle felt weird
100kg x 4 x 3

Pullups- 10, 8, 6

DB Rows- (kg) 32.5’s x 5 x 3

BB Military-
Bar x 12
40kg x 5
50kg x 3
25kg x 8

Seated DB Shoulder Press
15’s x 10
17.5’s x 6
22.5’s x 4 x 2

Trap Bar DLs
60kg x 10
90kg x 5 x 2

And various other stuff, just getting used to the equipment there so no magic happening yet.

That concludes a long winded first post- I’ll be sure to keep updating for the coming weeks. When my membership runs out at the other gym, and I start training my arse off down in the basement I’ll start posting some pictures if I feel it’s worth it. Hopefully it’ll be the start of bigger, better progress.

And for anybody who is wondering- thazgeetsqat is a play on ’ you have to squat’ converted into the regional dialect of Leigh, a place where I used to live. Seems strange but I remember asking a guy how he got so big and that’s how he responded and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Done some other sessions but haven’t logged them. Today’s was bittersweet really.

Trap Bar DLs -
80kg x 12
130kg x 5
160kg x 1
170kg x 1

A PR of about 20kg but I really did something to the left of my middle back, around my ribcage. It hurts like fuck and I’m going to be out at least a few weeks. After that I had some shit sets of pullups and rows before realising I had better not do any more damage. I’m thinking of in the future sticking religiously to 5 reps plus. I’m not a powerlifter- I want to build muscle, so why bother with one rep maxes that fuck me up and leave me with less time in the gym. Rant over- going to get some fucking ice…