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Big Sinus Infection. No Money for Surgery


The son of someone I know has a very bad sinus infection. He missed a school year because of this, and the doctors now recommend surgery...but the guy doesn't have enough money... (somewhere in Eastern Europe; apart from paying for the operation in itself, you must ~bribe the surgeon, the anesthetist, the nurses etc. else you might be worse after the surgery than before)

Know any possible way to heal something like this? (the antibiotics don't seem to have much of an effect)
Iodine drops? (no, I have no idea how dumb of an idea it might be to pour tincture of iodine in one's nose; I just know that Iodine is a super antibiotic)
High dose vit C?
I gave him some advice to stay away from immunosuppressive crap (like sugar) and get his D3 levels up (I think he didn't leave the house for some time now).



Have they tried a steroidal nasal spray?

What about saltwater nasal rinses?

When I was dealing with sinusitis from allergies, I was prescribed the steroid spray. I have had better results with a salt water nasal rinse though. You just need to get a bottle or pot like in the pic and then mix a solution of about 1.5 cups of distilled water to 1 teaspoon of salt(add a couple of pinches of baking soda to the water to prevent stinging). Then squirt the water solution up his nose with him bending over a sink the solution should come out either the other nostril or his mouth.No inhaling.(I have never used the little pot method so I am not sure how to do it but it usually comes with instructions).

Basically he has an infection because the mucus in his nose is too thick to do its usual thing which is just flow down his throat and it stays there, then he gets an infection. He needs to flush it out to make it more fluid. Salt water is also good for dealing with infections.

Try to google for other home remedies for sinusitis.

Both worked but I prefer the saltwater rinse better, its also cheaper.

Poor kid.

*edit I also gargled with a salt water solution too.

**edit here is a link http://allergies.about.com/od/noseandsinusallergies/a/nasalsalineirr.htm


No steroidal nasal spray! That's an infection, not an allergy. corticosteroid will promote the growth of bacteria and fongi!

Tell your friend to get some pure unadultered essential oils from eucalyptus and pine...to make a nasal spray with them. 5 drops of each for 1 tablespoon of water.


I like Apple Cider Vinegar when I get sinus infections
dilute it with a little water and do shots throughout the day.
Green tea and Ginger also seem to help.


I had a sinus infection about a year ago that would literally blind me in one eye when the pain hit. I've never had a migraine before, but apparently most "migraines" are actually sinus infections. My forehead was swollen up and throbbing above my right eye and that shit laid me out bigtime.

I snorted warm salt water up my nose and took hot showers with my face held directly under the showerhead for as long as my face could stand the pain. This went on for a week, then one day I tried to blow some snot out of my right nostril while in the shower. Three tries at clearing it and I had blown enough bright green snot out of my face to fill a 12 oz. cup. I kid you not. The sheer volume that came out each time was beyond shocking. But the pressure went away and I kept rinsing the area out by snorting more salt water and I haven't had a problem since.


One time I had an ingrown hair on the inside of my nose and it wound up digging back though outside my nose.

Also I had so much earwax at one point that I used up about 50 qtips and two sets of ear candles before I felt comfortable.


I've done this on a regular basis even when I have a blocked up or runny nose. It's worked fairly well. Others whom I've recommended this to have shied away saying it would be too painful. I spent my teens and younger 20's as a surfer and never really had a problem with salt water up my nose or in my sinus.


Thank you very very much. I'll tell him ASAP. If the doc didn't mention the rinsing... then I'll have some good news for him. :slightly_smiling:


Was it infected and pus filled?


Call these folks and see if they can help in any way- http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/offices/?ref=main-menu It might be a long shot, but any shot is better than none.

Even if they have to leave the country to get something done, they should at least try. Something like that could easily migrate into bone tissue and blood. When that happens, it is no longer a matter of treatment versus pain, it is a matter of when he will die without treatment.


I swear by the Neti pot when I get a sinus infection. My nose is crooked from being broken a handful of times and I have a deviated septum, so I am prone to sinus issues.

If its a really bad infection, it will take some patience since it will take a few sessions to get the water to penetrate the membranes, but once it gets flowing, it works great. Since it's just saline, you can do it as many times as you want. If I have a bad infection, I will do it every 2 hours all day long for the first day and then scale back after that, usually a few times the 2nd day and then using it only as needed.

I am using it this week for sinus pressure from allergies which have been horrendous this year in the northeast U.S.

Your friend should definitely try this before anything else.



Um, yeah. Thanks for sharing.



It was gross. It wound up with the actual hair poking through, and then I pull it out with tweezers, and some stuff came out of my nose.


I agree with the salt water. I've had a similar problem and it worked wonders. I would actually hang my head over the end of the bed or sofa so it was completely up side down and fill my sinuses with salt water. This seemed to work a lot better then a neti pot as I could keep it in there for some time and let do it's work. I have also added essential oils which does seem to help.

Another thing that helped was to treat my ears with a 4% solution of hydrogen peroxide. I'm not sure why but it did speed things up.