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Big Shoulder Caps for Old Timer


Ive been lifting for 31 year's i have wide clavicles, 6,1 288 have jerked 365 any way i see guys who have popped side delts who never use any weight, no ohp, only benching 225 who have huge side deltoid, how can blow up those caps.


Paul Carter 500 rep shoulder workout



You will probably feel like you are gonna cry but dig deep!


How much body fat are you holding? I find my shoulders are one of the first things to go when I start putting on any weight


Around 25percent, i had just thought of that, initially I dropped from 304 to 288 in like six weeks, now i am stabilized, going to go on another 15 pound push, just went from lifting twice a week to three times, just started legs again this will be huge help. Go back to the diet where i lost the weight .


Looks like a good routine will try out sat.


steroids do that too.


Doing with slight variation, do my shoulder press along other pressing. I did this variation of the 500 the 700. One arm pull downs / straight arm pullover superset 5 sets 20. Then the last 4 of original all after a full shift at work. Anyway tried to pick up glass and arm shaking. Awsome pump thanks kd13. Didn't cry though until guy in gym started singing out loud.


grab those 20lb dumbells and do 1000 reps every day shoulder press


Why not 5000, or even 10000, or even better do a million. More is better :flushed:


I find my shoulders prefer prime numbers for reps. Rounds numbers don’t seem to have the same affect.






Don’t be jelly of my prolonged noob gains.


5x5 for laterals like Rippetoe recommends


Run Smolov Jr. Jr. Jr. for laterals if you’re not a beginner.