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Big Seminar in Montreal!

Hey guys, Chris talked about it in his recent Thib’s road to peak shape thread and I’ve already recieved a few inquiries about this, so I’m gonna take advantage of the oppotunity to take the pulse, so to speak.


Yes, there will be a S&T seminar in Montreal, Quebec. Date isn’t set in stone just yet, but it’s looking to be mid-october.

As we speak, I’ve already got a super layout for a one-day seminar with great speakers, and quite a few surprises that will have some in awe (really)… all in French.

Would there be interest to have a day in English as well? I haven’t contacted any speakers in English, but if there is sufficient interest, I can whip out a 2 day seminar quite fast, with one day in English and one day in French.

So, any interest in DC Test Fest repeat in 2007?

Count me in!

Let me know if they have an ‘English’ day…my french is a little rusty.

[quote]scotty144 wrote:
Let me know if they have an ‘English’ day…my french is a little rusty.[/quote]

Well, there will be one if enough people show interest here.

This is the first seminar I’m organizing and I’ll probably have to tap in my student loans to cover some early expenses, so I’m not too keen on taking risks and come up under.

If I have a favorable response here, I don’t mind the extra workload to add a day in English, though. Just want to make sure it’s not for nothing.

Hum, not a lot of interest huh?

Just curious, why is that: too far, not enough details on the speakers etc?

I’m in, French or English.

I’d be interested.

Je serai là and I’ll be there.

By the it means I’ll be there for both.


Great, now where talking guys!

J’y suis!!!


Bin, je vous reviens avec ça bientôt parce que ça devient une réalité, et une méga-grosse réalité!

I’ll get back to you on that topic soon guys, as it’s making more and more a reality.

Prepare for surprises beyond your wildest imagination!