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Big Sean Allan


6'4 about 290lbs ripped - more compelete package than joel stubbs imo, so why doesn't he have his pro card yet? discuss


...because people think he is cocky and he pissed off the judges years back (by standing up in the audience during a show and claiming he could do better than the guys on stage)...I personally don't care about his personality or that event. Some people can't forget. He does not look very proportionate to me and I have seen him at several NPC contests. He's big, but because of his height, it doesn't seem to flow like it would on someone shorter.

Toney Freeman is still the best taller bodybuilder out there aside from the VERY overlooked Quincy Taylor (who never seems to get the respect he deserves).


1- Even though he looks huge and impressive to normal sized folks (and even 'normal' sized bodybuidlers), his package just isn't that impressive (and totally weak ass calves).

2- He comes across as an arrogant dip. For those who have been training and reading as long as I have, remember when he was in the audience at an Olympia back in the late 1990's? He walked to the microphone to ask a question of the competitors and basically mouthed off about how he was better than most of the guys in the line up (he had never even won a national level show!). All the magazines ran with the story and he was kinda looked down on forever after (that's why he still goes out of his way to talk about what a humble guy he is -lol)



his arrogance is kind of entertaining, I can see however why some people would not enjoy his antics. Too me he is almost like the rock of body building


i brought up a thread about this guy a while ago. isnt he like 40. old. cocky. lacking because of his height. but still fun to look at cos he huuuuuuge. anyone remember that pic of him and ronnie. he dwarfs him.


he's kind of douschey. theres some pics of him floating around where he looks retarded. And like x said, Proportionally he doesn't "flow".


this one?


From the pics I've seen I agree he doesn't have the right proportions, legs look to be a major weak point - especially the calves.


i agree in that picture he does appear to dwarf ronnie but 6'4" 290 vs. 5'11"(which ronnie is obviously shorter than) and 290lbs ronnie is obviously bigger. put them on stage together and see who dwarfs who. plus seans legs arent proportioned aswell as other parts of his body. profx is absolutly right he doesnt flow.


I tend to agree


He looks much better now, he has brought up his legs. This is a pic of him 10 days out of the 2009 IFBB North America.

He is a recent vid of him doing back and bi's. He is 2 weeks out of the 2009 IFBB North America. Personally he looks good; I think he will take a pro card at this show. His legs are still lagging, but it's not a bad as before. His attitude seems fine until a comment 12min into the vid...Dave asks him why he is doing pushup's between sets. Sean replies "The minute that I stop when I'm in any gym I'm like eye candy, right away I feel like the whole gym is looking at me". Other than that comment he seems like he corrected his attitude problem.


I really don't think he had an attitude problem in the first place. I think people were just looking for something to gripe about. He's 300lbs and looks like that. How many people on the planet would act like "average people" if the moment they walk out of the house everyone acts like they just experienced a UFO sighting?

I am personally more cautious of people who act overly humble despite being clearly above average in some degree. I consider it nothing more than an act.


So 40 is OLD?
I resent that, Pro!


Anyway, it looks like Allen has improved dramatically. I'm suspicious of his calf development, however. He previously looked as though he had genetically weak calves.


I think you can add Edward Nunn to that list.


As others have mentioned, he just hasn't filled out in the right proportions yet and has glaring weak spots like his legs (especially for his height). I'm not knocking him at all, he's a big mofo. Bodybuilding at that level is hard enough as it is, doing it at 6'4" is much harder. So much more to fill up.

On a side note, I think if Ed Nunn can fill out nicely he will be the model "tall man" in bodybuilding. Right now that title goes to the X man, Toney Freeman.


~he doesn't look very humble but i have to admit that the guy is HUGE!I dint't know he was that old though.I thought he was 28.


Biotest need to sponser some bodybuilders! Biotest does not cover shows, sponsers BB's or post traning vids of them. Even if they sponsered a few amatures I would be more than happy to follow their progress.

This is a BB'ing forum...I just wan't to discuss BB'ing!


thats my current issue with T-Nation and a reason why I've considered leaving, TC said he was going to make it more BB orientated how about they at least update us with show placings etc


Yeah right...if they did that these forums might not be filled full of v-diet fans. And we can't have that!


Sorry dwarfy! In reality 40 yrs of age in the iron game is about right isnt it? Hahaha.