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"Big" Routine Calories?

Hey Dr. Darden,

Hope all is well. We have been having some fun up here in the Great White North doing some cases studies. We recently did the Colorado Experiment workout for workout and were very happy with the results.

I seem to remember back in the day someone asked you which of your case studies was your favorite and your answer at the time was “BIG”.

I re-read my old copy and had a couple of questions for you.

First off would you take a Nautilus or MEDX pullover, over a cross bench dumbbell pullover?

The question I am more curious on your opinion is the amount of calories. In the book you talk about taking your bodyweight and x20 to get your calories for the day.

Eddie was in his early 20’s if I am not mistaken. At 195 you started Eddie at 4000 calories and went up from there. I am currently 215 and a touch leaner then Eddie but comparable. This would put me at 4300 calories to start and would go up every couple of weeks from there.

However I am mid 30’s now. I am quite confident my metabolism is not like it was 10 years ago. I am curious if you would still start someone like myself at 4300 or alter for age.

Thanks for the advice.


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Yes, either the Nautilus or MedX pullover would be a good substitution for the dumbbell pullover.

Calories: Try 18 times your body weight as a beginning level.

Let me know about your progress.

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