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Big Ron Coleman




Ronnie Coleman is not amused.


What person would be if some random guy is awkwardly attempting to get his picture taken with them without their consent (and, as far as the dude is aware, without their knowledge)? In an extremely obvious manner, too, which is almost even more insulting...

Then again, maybe the Big Nasty just hates Asian people.


My though is that is a shitty vertical.

The last pane should have panned out and they both have ron's face. My photoshop is weak otherwise I'd show you.


He's hungry.

He wants asian


Digitalairair? New art form for him I guess is becoming Coleman's lunch.


Nah, that one was taken here a couple of months ago when Ronnie came by for a gym opening. Altair (Frank Yang) is from the states, so I doubt it's him.


that guy is aspiring bodybuilder in singapore and was ron's tour guide...he had a couple blog articles detailing ron's trip there...maybe someone cant post the link...



I was amused.




Link to blog:



I thought he was sitting on the pot at first. The magazine and strained face threw me off.