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Big Rob Squats 1000 Raw


Robert Wilkerson squats 1000 raw.


Dammit, dunno why its not loading. The above video and another view are both at powerliftingwatch


2nd attempt:


Did his twin do it right after? lol
Great lift tho very awesome.


Any idea what his bodyweight was?


If I remember correctly, he was approx. 415 when he squatted 953 a while back (correct me if I am wrong)


Those are some BIG boys.


so close to a 2x BW squat? meeeeh I can do that lol

That was crazy. He came out of the hole so fast.


I train w/big Rob, weighed in @ 450 for this meet.


My first question was his weight too. He's a big guy! But that squat looked easy for him! He's got more in him.


So it was 2.22 x his bodyweight...just checking.




Dude, please, I saw you already pissing on Volgepohl's squat thread. Don't ruin this one as well? I love the powerlifting forum exactly because it has none of those immature, self-important and belittling-others comments that the douchebags in the BB forum throw all the time. Don't ruin what we have here...


Damn, I bet he can out-squat a bear... you know... if they had the correct biomechanics and had competitions for bear squats... just sayin'.



Was that Donnie Thompson in the red t- shirt at the end?


Wow you just dont stop do you? Get off this forum.


Lol I wish I could upvote you.


High, squat was high. Wish Rob would compete in another fed that actually enforces the rules as they're written -- he's clearly strong enough to squat some crazy weight according the rules of the sport. It is too bad that top talents choose to lift in the SPF, which is passing more ridiculous squat than the highPA ever did.


Are you kidding me? He hit at least 2" below parallel, if not more. This was a 100% good squat.



lol, nope that was one of his other training partners, who also squatted 920 single ply.

I really hope this PL forum is just a little more mature than the others....


My initial impression was that it was high, but then if you consider the high viewpoint and the fact you cant see th hip joint properly, you might (as I did) decide its impossible to tell how deep it was!