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Big/Ripped in 12 weeks

This will be long, but please hear me out. I am coming off of a knee injury that has kept me out of commission for a while (I am in the worst shape of my life due to the injury and the demands of the last year of law school). When finals are done in December, Im free to go balls deep into training again. I am looking for advice on how to train and eat to get the biggest and leanest that I can. I follow training paramaters of Charles Poliquin (Winning the Arms Race) for my whole body. I like these workouts(loading and periodization), but I am at a loss for diet and supplementation. How do I lift when reducing carbs at end to get ripped? I would like to work through a cycle of Mag 10, but Im not sure when to do it…at the start, middle or end of the 12 weeks? My post may wander, but I think you get the point of it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Darin. While I haven’t had a chance to read the Arms Race book, I do follow many of CP’s principles. Diet, as far as reducing carbs goes anyway, is a VERY individual thing. To better assist you, we are going to need more detailed info such as weight, bodyfat, etc.

I actually have done very well using the low-carb diet principles of Poliquin as well as Don Alessi. Search the forum for “Poliquin-style diet support group” as well as “David Boston” and you’ll find some great discussions on this plan; however, keep in mind that you may have to ease into this regimen, particularly if you’ve never done a keto diet before. I’d be glad help in any way I can, and there are many others well versed in this routine on here such as JC#10, Eric Cressey, Steve Coppola and I’m sure I’m leaving out others. Lots of good routines to follow (I used 5*5 and Meltdown, and EDT is coming up), but I would recommend that you focus on one primary goal at a time. If you’ve had a layoff for a spell, you may want to emphasize fat loss for a while and then go to a bulking phase. Good luck!

Since you have had a fairly long layoff, I don’t think you will need Mag10 in the first 12 weeks of your comeback. You should make great gains naturally. If you feel the need to take a supplement, I would take Tribex and M at first. Hold off on the Mag10 until your gains start to slow down.