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'Big' Recipe


I’m looking for big recipe to prepare once in a week and that I can eat slowly for the rest of the week. Kinda like Berardi’s chile. Anyone has good recipe? Being rich in protein and calories is a requirement ofc.

chicken breast cut into pieces
add golden sweet potato mashed up
add veg- roasted peppers, olives and eggplant. Spinach is good if you need volume whilst cutting.

Not really a recipe but a good meal that you can make in bulk. i like :smiley:

I’ve got a very good one imo a few posts down =)

Look for pork tenderloins in your grocery store. 1 roll can be 2.5 lbs of pork (about 10g fat 90g protein per pound). Easy as hell - throw some seasonings on it, stick it in the oven at 325deg for 25min/lb, and done.

Chicken and Broccoli - cut up 3lb (or however much) of chicken breast into smallish pieces, steam or boil an equal amount of broccoli, throw it all in a mixing bowl with olive oil and whatever bunch of seasonings you want (I like cajun and seasoned salt to make cajun chicken/broccoli), and toss it a few times. I also like the Garlic/Salt/Red Pepper combo.

May have to do it like a half pound at a time because it’s bulky as hell and you’d need a huge ass bowl, but still it’s easy.