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Big PRs!


Hang snatch 89kgs/195lbs


Clean 134kgs/295lbs


bw 86kg/190lbs.


strong lifting pal.

very impressive. :slight_smile:



looks like you have a some left.


Very impressive indeed.


very impressive

what is your max back and front squats compared to your clean.


back squat 405, front squat 340


Body weight? You look pretty lean. Very impressive. Deadlift numbers? Good technique there.


it says it in his first post


Never maxed on deadlifts. Lifting in OL shoes isn't suitable for a big deadlift due to the higher heel. Plus, I have to keep the same positions for OL and can't let the back round. I can probably do 365 for a single. I have been doing clean pulls for about a month and after power cleans/full cleans, did 3 reps of 315.

Thanks everybody.


I have snatch grip deadlifted + shrug with 295 though.


that was easy recovery on the clean!


295lb clean would scare me a bit I think :slightly_smiling:


That was really nice. With form as good as yours, it would be worth seeing more videos.


I've got those same lifting shoes, haha, nice lifts bro, you've got some impressive strength


That was too easy a clean not to finish the PR off with a jerk.


I wasn't warming up jerks that day with the cleans, so I wasn't ready to jerk that clean PR. It's okay though, it was a 30lb PR in the clean.


I've never gotten pinned under a clean because my squatting is a lot better than my pull, but I have started pulling and noticed an improvement.


Great job! You look like you have great technique. Are you being coached?



Very nice! I could only wish to have technique like that in my cleans.. :slightly_smiling:


Actually, I don't have a coach. I read up and watched tons of videos, but mainly got better from posting videos for others to critique.