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Big Program by Dr. Darden

Hey I’m sorry to put this here but Dr. Darden’s forums confuse the hell out of me. If anyone here trains with HIT or has tried his program I could use some help. Is failure if during the exercise you can no longer achieve the 10-5 protocol. Or when the protocol can not be followed continue to bust out reps until you can physically no longer move the weight.

Go to failure in the set itself. Most of his programs calls for an 8-12 rep range. So let’s say the exercise is bicep curls on the ez bar. You’d pick a weight you know you can do about 8 reps. If you were able to do 8 reps, but on the 9th rep, you couldn’t curl the bar in good form, or it wouldn’t go up, then you failed. That’s a good set. Go to your next exercise. You don’t need to do forced reps or half reps unless the program says.

okay thank you, so ignore the time and go faster to get more reps when you can no longer do the the 10 second positive 5 second negative right?

I never did follow the 10 second positive and 5 second negative. I only tried the HIT program challenges (wider shoulders, bigger calves, and bigger arms).

A word of advice: Don’t follow Darden’s advice for more than say 6 months.

I followed his advice for the first 3 years of my training, not knowing any better. That was a waste of the latter 2.5 years.

There are only 2 possible reasons that I can think of for why it is that everyone successful in bodybuilding, powerlifting, or other strength sports uses methods other than what Darden teaches to be “the way.”

Reason 1: They are all stupid, unlike of course the intelligent people. HIT folks like this explanation. Every workout they do confirms to them how much brighter they are than the ignorant guys who are a lot bigger and stronger.

Reason 2: Because it doesn’t work that well long-term, and those who stick with it long-term are not going to rise to the top of these things, or likely not even rise to the middle.

which is , IMO, the fallacy in any of the GET BIG SUPERFAST type programs. They DO work, short term, when used infrequently. But the body quickly adapts to the stress or i should probably say becomes overwhelmed by it (i don’t claim to know exactly what is happening at the cellular level) and gains cease. Reason one is amusing though, HIT followers will almost explain your ignorance likes it’s just a matter of fact.