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Big Problem...Military Types Please Help...

What do I do about the fact that one Army Recruiter (the one in charge no less) thinks I’m gay?

I told him I had a gay roommate and according to MY recruiter he thinks I’m gay. I’m 25, single, and look kinda like MBEric-(no offense MB-ur kinda purty-my sister was drooling…

Yep, she would hit it.

Any Advice?

Stick it in his ass! That’ll teach him! LOL! Who cares? He thinks you’re gay, whooptie doo! He’s probably going to use it as a way to “motivate” you into action. Like MikeMyers says, “You’re only gay if you have sex with other men.”

Tell the Recruiter that you are very aware of the Uniform Code of Military Justice’s stand on falsification of statements of enlistment and would not risk five years in a federal prision over sexually orientation.
Better yet, find another recruiting station near the end of the month (these guys work on numbers recruited) and this time keep you mouth shut.
Best of Luck.

Older Lifters suggestion is much better than mine. Suggest to him that you wished his father was gay, so that he was never born.

OR, tell him that you’re only gay if you take it up the ass or put it in your mouth. Anything else is just a sign of dominance

Older Lifter hit this one right on the head. First, he can’t make any assumption of your sexual orientation like he has. So, his opinion whether he thinks you’re gay does not matter. Even for those who are gay in the military, they have a don’t ask don’t tell policy. In other words, if he’s giving you problems find another recruiter…Peace!

Bang his mom, sister, aunt, niece, grandmother, etc.

Fuck his girlfriend and show him the pictures.

Go to another recruiter who is not homophobic and have someone else report his ass to his superiors.

What the hell are you talking about?

MBE: “Not getting things n’ stuff and he’s supposed to but he doesen’t. Since 1873.”


Thanks everyone.

I told my recruiter I had a reasonably high IQ. High enough to know that I’m not gay and could care less if Staff Sarge D-umbass thinks I am. I’m “single and not interested” because going through Ranger training is going to be rough. I won’t consider gurls until I’ve finished.
He said “Don’t worry about Staff Sarge D. I talked to him.”
I don’t know what Staff Sarge F said but it must have worked.
They are sending my medical documents up Monday morning.
I got a Terroist Hunting Permit with no bag limit.
Free to a good soldier.


LOL goto another they are a dime a dozen. while @ Sandhill @ Ft. Benning the drill would say: "If you want to tell me you want out cuz your gay then you better drop to your knees and start suck’in my dick!!! It doesnt make ME a fag if YOUR sucking MY dick!! Too funny, nobody offered out on those terms.

Indirectly, does that mean your sister would ‘hit’ you?

Teasing of course! :slight_smile:

Why did you tell him that you have a gay roommate? I’ve never gone through the recruitment process (can’t say they haven’t tried, also can’t say homosexuals haven’t tried “recruiting” me), so I was wondering why your roommate’s sexual orientation would come up. Homosexuals do exist and even thrive in the military. I think it’s funny that they don’t get caught, but you end up getting “pegged” (pardon the pun).

Are you already committed to the army? If not, then I’d take a tape recorder to your next interview with him and blatantly show it. Ask him leading questions. look him in the eye and let him blink first. Ask him “do you need to get some water or something?” Crank up the heat.

WTF? Man fuck the army!!! Come join the USCG, or go to another recruiting office if this guy wants to be that big of a dick. Damn. Anyway, never tell a recruiter anything he doesn’t need to know. Same for the MEPS doctors. Despite what they want you to believe, they don’t know jack! Just tell them what they need to know, that’s it!


If you’re not gay, may I ask why you’re rooming with someone who is? And why would you even tell your recruiter about your roommate’s sexual preference?