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Big PR Today....


Previous best deadlift: 475

Best as of today: 520

Feelin' pretty stoked, on to 550 now!


congrats I love deadlifting


Congrats brother. I can only imagine how awesome that must feel.


What is the time frame between those lifts?


That's quite a jump. Congratulations.


you are gonna have to change your avatar, for your own safety.



time frame... last 1rm was in early may, so about 3 months.

Also, I was 200 pounds in May and still weighing in at 200.

I don't know what I did, but it was pretty good jump in 3 months by my standards.


I was gonna say the same thing about the new guy.

Congrats OP.


I put it up purposefully, you know, for comedy and whatnot.


Well you look pretty fem so made me laugh. Har Har Har!.

Good job OP ya good time frame to get that sucker up!


Come on! How can you post about a 45 lb PR in 3 months without telling us the details of the program you used?!?! Let's hear it.


gawd dammit! i was so excited that i jumped from 475 to 500 today. stole my thunder dberg

ha nah but really, congratulations. now i need to double my efforts to catch you


OK, so a couple of details about my training, and myself in general as requested...

I have been lifting for almost 6 years now, started out as a skinny 150 pound kid, now a less skinny ~200 20 year old.

Diet- Not real strict, 3000-3500 calories/day, 200+ grams of protein, 350+ grams of carbs, and less than 100 grams of fat a day. Using the ideology set forth by Dr. John Beradi in Massive Eating parts 1 and 2.

Training- I've used several different methods over the past couple years. Lost a lot of my intensity during my freshman year of college, but started getting my drive back last summer.

Since really getting back into the game, I've used various Westside Barbell techniques, mostly templates like WSBB for skinny basterds.

Also, used a periodization program that I call Winter Blast (I used it this winter, the name fit). Something I wrote myself, just some things that I had learned over the years thrown together as an experiment.

As for this summer, I used a 5X5 program and am currently using the Wendler 5/3/1.

I love the 5/3/1. Very simple, quick workouts and brutally difficult if you challenge yourself. I would recommend it to anyone, new lifters or experienced guys who want to get back to basics. That was the thing for me, I feel like I had been over complicating the iron game, so I searched for something simple and effective, and the 5/3/1 has been awesome for that.

Supplementation- I don't take this very seriously. I figure at my age with naturally high test levels, I can do a lot with dedication and eating fairly cleanly/a lot. But I do take a couple different products.

BSN Cell Mass Creatine

Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion protein (delicious, cheap and 25g per serving)

Gaspari Nutrition Superpump250. NO supplement. I don't buy into all the BS about using NO to get a great "pump" but this stuff is great for energy and focus in my opinion. Check at Gaspari Nutrition. Quality stuff, from what I can tell, reasonable prices and tastes good. I buy it from discountanabolics.com


Also, DixiesFinest, nice job on the 500 pound pull. To me, it is a great accomplishment and puts lifters that can do it, in a different class. I know there are lots people that post here that pull A LOT more than that, and people out there way stronger, but 5 plates is a big deal.

What's funny to me, is that the first time I pulled 405 I felt like I was a badass, a man among boys. Now at 500+, I feel pretty good, but realize I have so far to go. 600 pound pull or bust! Just hope my 5' 7" frame can handle the muscle/weight that I will have to gain to do it.

Regardless, no matter how much you lift, how big of a PR it was, a PR is a PR. Training against yourself is the most rewarding. There will always be someone out there that is stronger than you. Just be happy with what you have, keep lifting, and help reverse this damn metro-homo movement most guys my age are embracing. A real man has skin ripped off his hands, scars on his shins from barbells, and stretch marks on his shoulders and back that looks he had a child. Not $150 jeans that already have holes in them, that most girls could fit into.


thats awesome when a PR jumps way up like that- i know thats a damned good feeling


nice bro, i rememberd when my deadlift jumped from 390, to 470 (within 2 workouts, not in the same day)

it was like that like you sed for around 3 months. good job, keep up the heavy pulling man, thats the boss lift!