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Big Overhand Deadlifts


Anyone pull double overhand with significant weights?

I have a goal of pulling 585 for reps overhand. Right now I can only pull 495 for 1 doh.


i always warmup with double overhand and switch to mixed grip when it starts to slip. i can get up to 600 now until i switch.


I've never tried more than 425 double overhead


285...I'll see myself out.


Meat, when you deadlift, do you usually go for reps? Does this vary depending on the style of grip you are using? For example, higher reps double overhand and lower reps with a mixed grip?


i setup after every rep. so a set of 5 is actually more like 5 sets of 1. i have two deadlift days now each week. one being a heavy day, moving up to multiple heavy singles and then a lighter dead day of either speed pulls or deficit pulls. these are done for sets of triples for multiple sets. i do all of these with a double over hand grip. my heavy days are done with double over hand until the weight causes my grip to slip then i switch to mixed grip.


This norwegian powerlifter pulls 352,5 kg (777 lbs) double overhand grip. He's 20 or 21 years old.

Edit: The dl is from 2:30 and out


A lot of powerlifters/olympic lifters/strongmen can deadlift 800+ double overhand. It's called hook grip.


I'm right there with you. I've held onto a rep at 275, and dropped 315. Mixed grip hasn't failed me yet, although my pull is nothing to brag about.


I see. Thanks for the perspective.


I tried hook grip and didn't like it.


I tried getting used to it, but even after a month, my regular overhand was still stronger.


so far iv hit 210kg double overhand no hook, and its still going up


As far as what I can do:
365 w/ tons of slippage vs. 445 o/u (grip is never a factor o/u)

I've started doing RDLs with the overhand grip until it fails, then on to the o/u grip. Same when warming up for pulls. Even though the bar never slips out of my hand, I do feel the stronger grip helps transfer power better especially at the start.


Gave hook grip a serious try for the first time a couple weeks ago. Was going for 315x8 but stopped at 5 since I wasn't going to make it there. Thought it would feel more natural but actually ended up feeling more awkward than alternating grip since I've been doing it for so long. Going to stick with alternating for now but do plan on improving it sometime in the future.


lets not forget our very own hulk963


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To all those posting hook grips, not what I asked.

Meat, did you do anything specific grip wise to be able to hold onto 600 doh? Or did it just come with your deadlift?

I myself always used to mix, but since tearing my bicep I've decided not to bother mixing anymore.


damn that kid is insane!!! I still can't believe it. Pulling more than 3x bw over-under would be an amazing feat but overhand ....ridiculous. this cant possibly be real wtf man.

when you guys say overhand do you use a hook grip (catching the thumb in) ??? I deadlift 515 with Over-Under but never tried maxing out with an overhand grip. Even with a pathetic 275 I can't quite prevent the bar from slipping. Then again I do have puny small wrists.

I work hard on my grip but at the end of the day I think you are limited to the size of your hand and wrists. I read Dinosaur training and it says it is possible to make ur wrists bigger so there might be some hope


If hook grip counts...