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Big on a Budget Log

Greetings T-Nation crew…

I’m about to start a long journey into lean bulking my way into something that is respectable in size cause I’m tired of being a tiny cunt. Now that I’m done with college rugby, I can focus on training to get bigger…aesthetically I guess…?

160 (heaviest was 193 @ 20 ish bf during season. I’m way leaner now)

Training Protocol: 5/3/1 with the Periodization Assistance Work
I’ll be switching to something more BBing oriented eventually when I feel my strength is upped some more. Something along the lines of PHAT or Max-OT.

Perhaps the most important part as I always ate whatever was in sights.

Maintain: 2383
Bulking: 2621

40 prots, 40 carbs, 20 fats.

I usually have no trouble packing on weight, but I want lean gains this time around.

Enjoy…read it or don’t idc I’ll use this thread as a source to track my progress…