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Big Noob, First Cut Cycle - Albuterol

Hello guys, I’ve read a couple threads here and you seems to be alot knowledgeable.

I explain my question : I’ve been cutting without any product for the last two month, I lost 7 kilos and last week I started an albuterol cycle, I went progressively from 4.8.12 mg but I seem to have an high tolerance since I didn’t feel anything until 24 mg/day taken as 3x8

However, I’ve seen alot of guys who stacked it with either caffein/ephedrin or both.

My question is : is there a limited amount/day and should I stack my albu with either of those products in order to maximise my cut ?

I’m already on a low car (approximately 100) and on a 700 calories deficit diet also so I’m not using it in order to get a shortcut

i don’t know a lot about albuterol, however my understanding is that it should never be stacked alongside the ECA protocol. Rather, the two are alternated so 2 weeks ECA / 2 Weeks albuterol. This is how things are normally done with ECA and Clen anyways…

From what you have written i very much doubt you are at a level where this kind of drug use is worthwhile but feel free to prove me wrong with a picture and i’ll apologise.

Albuterol sucks balls. You will get more out of ephedrine alone.

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I’m not gonna lie I could try to do it without albuterol and cutting for 2 month more I’m not trying to go under 6% but I have fat on my pec since I’m 14-16 (I’m living with(without it being a gyno) and I don’t think it’s something that can go away even with a good diet and 7/7 sport.

I know the down side of it, I considered it for a long time and I would prefer to try that option before getting in a diet that would make me loose gains or worse going under chirurgy

you can stack caffeine with albuterol, but don’t stack ephedrine or clen with it.

albuterol and clen specifically stimulate the beta receptors, whereas ephedrine also stimulates alpha receptors as well.

albuterol is the fastest acting, ephedrine is in the middle, and clen is relatively long lasting.

clinically, albuterol has shown a lot of promise as a fat burner. but if you’re looking for a “feeling” from it, then you need to look elsewhere. i felt very little from albuterol (or clen, for that matter), but have a significant effect from ephedrine.

another issue that comes up with beta agonists, is they have rapid desensitization. one can easily circumvent this by adding in ketotifen at night. (side note: people often do 2 weeks on, and 2 weeks off for this reason as well. but don’t cycle between 2 beta agonists as that defeats the purpose. a better choice would be yohombine in the “off” weeks)

^this issue is largely with clen (vs ephedrine and albuterol), since the half-life is 36 hours (vs 4 or 6 hours).

below is a link with further reading on the subject:

Thanks for your answer !

I indeed did research and already ordered some ketitofen still waiting for it to come, I plan to use it every two weeks of my cycle.

I wasn’t sure if I had to feel something to know that albu was working, now I know

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FWIW, i know some guys take it pre-workout for the endurance effects

interesting article on the topic:

Is this your first cycle ever or first cycle while cutting?

That’s my first cycle ever

Ever considered an actual cycle containing injectables?

Well not really, or not yet actually

I’m fine with what I have atm except for the %bodyfat but one day maybe

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more interesting effects of albuterol and cholesterol:

Really interresting indeed !

Welp I started taking diphenhydramin yesterday

Gone up my daily dose of albu since I seems to be in perfect synchro with the product, I forgot I already had taken my second dose three days ago and took it again for a total of 40 mg for the day and I felt perfectly fine

I also started yesterday my t3 cycle which I won’t last more than two weeks

Gonna try some technique I saw somewhere, looking for my working dose which will increase my temp by 1° then keep it straight until the same dose doesn’t increase my temp anymore then either stop it directly or downgrade until 0

Don’t know after which time will my thyroide start again but welp,

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fyi, i don’t think benadryl works for beta receptors like ketotifen… i’ve seen people make that calim, but never actually seen any proof to back it up.

Well I might order some, gonna try this week with diphen…

Still I wonder if doing 25 mcg t3 everyday would not be better, I mean the 3 weeks restart is boring,

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FWIW, i’m starting a similar cycle to yours.

now i have to point out that i’ve got a sluggish thyroid, and normally take 50 mcg of T4 a day. so i’m gonna start with 20 mcg of T3, and sit at 40-60 mcg for at least a couple days to assess. i typically get pretty wired from T3, but i presume it’s partially due to my thyroid having a lower output…

i’m running albuterol, but at a lower dose then you… i’m also gonna run a low dose of GW 5016 to help endurance and fat loss.

my main goal is fat loss and increased endurance while maintaining most LBM…

I’ve been on 25mcg t3 for a week now, I don’t feel any particular change, might start at 50mcg on monday.

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well, you’ve been dieting for a while… it’s possible that your own thyroid production dropped to compensate (and it’s possible that your normal production might be a bit low as well, which might be part of the initial cause of your weight gain).