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Big News Regarding Search for Extraterrestrial Life



I saw this a while back on Discovery science. Something to the effect of arsenic being disruptive to the action of mitochondria, and if a life form could exist in those conditions, must have a different type or form of mitochondria, and possibly different dna than the standard carbon based life forms that have been observed thus far.

It may require scientists to revamp or reform the definition of life, or what is or is not a life form.


It's really an awesome discovery. It's right up there with the discovery that we orbit the sun, in my opinion.

It completely redefines the scope of probability of life on other planets, and hopefully it will fuel expanded research into this field.

Think about it... with this, we are once again in the position of legitimately considering the possibility that life or even intelligent life other than ourselves exists within the bounds of our solar system. We also have a legitimate basis for the theory that life on this planet originated elsewhere.

I guess I'm a science-nerd from afar (okay, I do write Scifi'), but I'll have trouble sleeping tonight, because I'm so excited. NASA is having a press conference about this tomorrow.


cool story bro :smiley:

but on a seriuos note: this sounds interresting, keep us posted swoleupinya.


Writing sci-fi? I'm planning to do the same ... after reading Rendevouz with Rama and Ringworld I desperately want to find an awesome planet with floating houses ...

Anyhooo, incredible discovery. Was doing some reading on the Fermi paradox (or whatever it is called) and it made my heart sink a little!


What's funny is that I don't consider it an amazing find. There is life out there for sure. The amazing thing I guess is we did find some kind of activity, but that was to be expected.

To believe there is no other intelligent life out there is the same as denying we exist here on planet Earth.


Only in California. If they truly want to find some far-out life, they ought to search in West Hollywood.