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Big, New Squat by the End of Semester

 I have just put my first week in at the University of Toledo,and have access to a great weight room. I am going to take this opportunity, to push my max squat, deadlift,bench, and clean to new levels. I will be using DJ's Two times a week for twice the results progam he just wrote about. But, I will also be using advice in an old T NATION article on how to raise your max squat by using ROM progression.

My current maxes are: My goals are:
1-Squat- 315 for a set of 3/ Squat 600 for 1
2-Deadlift-335 for a set of 4/ Deadlift 475 for 1
3-Clean-185 for a set of 2/ Clean 275 for 1
4-Bench-275 for 1/ Bench 400 for 1


So you're planning on adding over 500 lbs to your total in 3 and a half months?



No, I am only really focusing on squat this semester. But, I listed my goals for all lifts. Squat is the only lift I listed that I am going to worry about my max at this point. I will however be doing all the lifts throughout the semester, but focusing on one lift to try to really max my benefits.


How new to training are you? Sure, try to improve as much as you can, but unless your a rank newbie, I don't see it happening and even then you'll have to dial in everything perfectly and do a good job avoiding life stressors. Also, gaining a ton of weight would probably have to be done.


This ROM progression... Would that be a Waterbury article on Progressive Movement Training? If so, I don't recommend it for squatting (I tried it), but I do like it for the deadlift.

Your goals are a bit lofty as another poster stated above, but you might as well push it as hard as you can. I have added 75 pounds to my squat in 3 months before (425 - 500) when I switched to something sort of westside style and I think a lot of that can from dynamic effort squatting. I highly recommend including that if you want to progress fast and you've never done any of it before.

Good luck!



Set short, moderate, and long term goals. You've already set your long term goals, now fill in the blanks.


I think I will be all right. As I stated earlier I have used ROM progression before with squats and went from not squatting to repping 500 for a set of three in several months. I am going to post my workouts and how shit goes, if your interested or have a tip post away.

If I fail so be it, then you can all gloat over my attempt and failure. However if I attempt to squat 600 but only get 585 I will still be pretty happy.

You are all welcome to follow along with me, whether you secretly hope I fail or actually hope I succeed.


Jakerz96 thanks man I will take all the luck I can get.


huh? So is your max 315 x 3 or 500 x 3?


Gregron my current maximal lift is unknown. My first day of squat my last set was 315 for 3 reps. But I could definitely 1 rep max significantly more. I do not however think I can still rep 500 for a set of three.


I'm really having a hard time believing this. So you did 500x3 for a limited range of motion or a full squat?


August 30th, 2011.
Squat Day.

W/U- Bar, W/U- 135, W/U- 185, Full Deep Squat.

225x5, 275x4, 315x3, 315x3, Full Deep Squat.

675x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1, 605x3x3x3x1, Partials 6th hole.

225x8 Full Deep Squat.

Shoulder Press

65x10, 85x10, 95x10, 95x10.

20 minute walk on treadmill 3.3 M/H @ a 3% incline.


I did it for 3 full reps, I will check if I still have it on video for you.


HeavyTriple I think it may be on the computer at home, I am going home this weekend and if I can find it I will link it up for you.


Did you have a layoff of some sort?


spar4tee- yeah life kind of kicked me in the dick. Withing a three or 4 year span I had a 6 year relationship fall apart, my house burn down and I lost my job.


Damn. Well get your dick back in your pants and get at it. Your success in the weight room is one of the few things in life you have any active control over. Relish it.


You probably should've mentioned that you were mostly regaining strength in the first place lol



This link should help you reach those goals. Good luck!