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Alright so here is the stats and a bit of a history.

I started training around a year and a half ago but only seriously for about 8 months. I am training for football at the moment but hope to compete in powerlifting as when I get older. I used to train in a "fitness centre" with a training partner who at one point was alot stronger than myself this quickly faded as he started useing his mouth more than his muscles. I now work out in my garage with a squat rack, bench incline (this bench is hard to bench on because its narrow and i have wide shoulders.) I train alone now.

Stats are
weight: 240
hieght: 6'3
body fat: unknown will eventually get pictures

Bench: 275 (don't max much no spotters)
squat: 375 (again don't max much)
deadlift: 425 hopeing to pr next week

I will be posting my lifting days in here currently I am on an 4 day upper lower split with no real program its a mix of powerlifting and ws4sb. By the end of the summer i hope to be a leaner 250 this is what I am going to play football at (defensive and offensive tackle, and all special teams) I will need good cardio as we are undermaned and I will rarley be off the feild.

Enough talk time to get something done I will post pics tomorow or the day after comments and advice more than welcome, don't really have anyone to tell me what im doing wrong as I lift alone.


Lower body:
Conv Deadlift

Romanian deads
225*5*4 (kind of just a cool down set)

Step ups not worth posting

Not really alot of valume as i have no machines or anything like that to train with.

Jogging Tonight along with alot of eating.


Looking good man. It looks like we have close to the same stats, I will be following.


Thanks, I wouldn't mind a little friendly competition feel free to post your pr's here mabey that will help keep us both motivated.


Did a little core work and some grip today, doing some sledge hammer work tonight should be pretty brutal.


upper body
Dumbell Bench

Push press
135x6x3 (need to up this going to push it 2 days a week.)

2 Board close grip
205x3x1 (was hurting from 2 presses before)


I just couldn't handle to do rows I think I'm going to throw them in on deadlift days from now on.

Now that its written down it dosen't seem like much volume if anyone has ideas for some volume excercises without any type of machine being involved I'd appreciate some advice.


I think you should just bench a shit load more. Atleast another set for the incline dumbbells, and another 3 or 4 for bench.


rep work after that

Power Cleans
185x15 total reps (Need to find someone to help me with form on these)

Practised some front squat form but was haveing some knee trouble from dropping the fifth squat because the bar was in a bad spot on my back.


Upper Body
Flat Bench
225x5 1 rep PR

Push Press

Close Grip Chins
10 total need to push these I feel weak on them.

Dumbel Push ups
50 total reps was pretty fried from bench.

Wrist roller

Going to try out the back on deadlift day thing tomorow. Haven't done cardio in a while but I did hay yesterday for 2 hours and that was good enough I'd say. If you haven't done hay before trust me its hard work.


Thinking of trying jr smolov but i will be working construction during the summer and doubt if i will be able to recover. I think i will work for 2 weeks and see how sore I am, the good thing is I will be able to eat as much as I want because of the heat and work I will be doing and still stay lean or mabey even leaner.


435x1 30#PR

Zerker Squats

First time trying these really liked them I think once I go heavy I will be able to feel it alot better in the legs. Also showed me I need to intensify my core training.

DB rows

80x10x3 I HATE ROWS, no reason just really dislike them.

Sprints and football drills with alot of running in them, felt good but need to work on flexability felt it in hips pretty bad when trying to stretch out my strides.


Squat ATG (really atg almost as low as possible)
315x5 2 rep pr

Zerker squats

Hit my pr but took a tole on me plus didn't want to be worn out for 285 bench on monday really set on hitting that.

Will be maxing out squat sometime soon Starting to work construction in 2 weeks so I want to see if I can continue to gain strength while working my ass of 5 days a week.


Good luck on that bench.

And make sure while doing construction, your eating sleeping and drinking as much as you can.


Thanks man I am really set on hitting this bench tomorow, I am hopeing that I will be able to work around the construction such as cutting back to 4 lifting days a week and going to sleep as early as I possibly can.


Flat Barbell bench
275x1 PR + 25

Thinking of turning up the reps to try and gain some muscle ive been working 5 reps or below for too long.

Power Clean
225x1 PR +20 I think I could get up 250 with better form I just have no one to teach it.

Overhead Presses

Sledgehammer training 3 one minute rounds need to hit some cardio.

Thinking of trying to build something to do dips with and about ordering jesup straight bar and hex deadlift because I broke my made in china bar.


405x2 PR x1

Rack pulls 1 inch below knees
395x4x5 PR because don't do rack pulls much

Chin ups 10 in 1 min


Dumbell bench
85's x5x5

1 arm overhead dumbell press
Supersetted cheat curls

BB rows
BW 15 12 10

Hopefully getting a good bar tomorow


Shitty squat workout got pissed and just left did 8 mins of straight sledge.


Push press

Lat pulldown

Dumbell Bench


Box Squat Parallel (no belt)
275x2x10 (tryed something diffrent hopeing it will help me grow some more.)

Power cleans
Don't really remember these hottest day of summer so far

Sprints from seated postion

Starting work at 6:30 am Thursday hopefully it dosen't take to much energy and I can still workout hard.