Big Muscle Imbalance. Help?

I have been working out weightlifting for approximately 4-5 year now. For the first three years I noticed no imbalances, but in the past two years i have. I understand that its natural for the body to have small imbalances, but i have some major ones. Most prominent is my chest. My left pec is MUCH smaller, and less full than my right. I am right side dominant, but both sides are equally strong, and if anything my left is actually stronger, but smaller.

At first I thought this was because i am right side dominant, and thus would over compensate with that side. To try and combat this i worked more with dumbbells and single side exercises, but to no avail, my right side continues to grow while my left seems frozen in size. I am now beginning to realize that i think it is because my left pec is not activating. I am realizing i can feel most exercises in my right pec all over, but can feel very little of the pump or work in my left. It seems the left is not activating and may be compensating by using my shoulder more.

Does anyone have any ideas to help?? Please??

In addition, my entire right side of my body seems to be bigger; my right pec, right quad, right calf, and even right side abs. Any thoughts on this? my form is good for all exercises

Post a picture, straight on with normal lighting.

…don’t post a fucking photo of someone else.


this is going to be yet another one of these threads where we’ll get a picture of a totally normal looking dude

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Just for the record …normally the term muscle imbalance is used in regards two opposing muscle groups. Which can lead to mechanical issues…Such as a weak upper back and over developed Pecs causing shoulder issues. Your issue is a aesthetic one …and as the damn trend as of late Mental .Not sure why the term performance is even showing up in the header ?

Unless you have this going on…you probably dont have a actual issue.

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