Big Movie News for Nerds

First of all, the new Spider Man trailer is here:

SECOND of all, any of you remember a role playing game by the name of Final Fantasy VII? Here comes the sequel in the form of a straight to dvd movie:

And I’ve saved the coolest for last. You like Japanese anime? Manga? What about a live action film integrating special effects and anime? Based on an old anime named Casshan (I beleive) about a robot hunter and his dog:

Click to see the trailer, hopefully this will be released stateside eventually…

I’ve always been a big Spidey fan. I really liked the last movie. I’ve seen a few clips of the new one and I am soooo happy they are using Doc Octopus. Way cool.
But as I posted previously, the BIG movie news is the 50th anniversary Godzilla movie coming out in December. I believe this will be the big guys 28th or 30th big screen appearance. Do not confuse this with that piece of shit that Hollywood put out in 1998 with Matthew Brodrick and a giant iguana. If you have not seen a Godzilla flick in a long time and remember them as these campy painfully stupid movies, I urge you to go rent Godzilla 2000. A lot has changed. Godzilla versus Megaguirus was also quite good. They are both at you local video store.
The 50th anniversary movie is promised to be quite an event with at least ten monsters. Some you will remember (Mothra, Ghidra), some will be new.
I can hardly wait. Here’s the trailer (no, there is no vieo until the end)

Saw the Spiderman trailer last night…man it looks great.

E~ Where are you on this…I know you, the best damn looking comic/movie chica out there, are eager to see this.

The new Spiderman has been influencing the comic for a year. Doc Ock miniseries have been prolific, with the new look that they’ve created for the movie. Just as Toad and Mystique in print were “retro-designed” post-movie.

Looking forward to it.