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Big MMA Jump...


From Dave Meltzer report on the recent K-1 Heros show....

Biggest jump of the year at Hero's show

by Dave Meltzer


In news that rocked the Japanese wrestling and MMA scene, Akira Maeda introduced Kazushi Sakuraba after intermission at tonight's Hero's show as the company's new star.

Sakuraba, the pro wrestler who put Pride on the map with his wins over several members of the Gracie family in 1999 and 2000, took the promotion from struggling to sell 5,000 tickets at shows to selling out the Tokyo Dome on more than one occasion.

Sakuraba came out wearing a Tiger Mask, as a tribute to one of his childhood wrestling idols, and it was announced he would debut with Hero's in August.

Pride is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow in response to this.

With Sakuraba, and potentially Brock Lesnar, as additions, along with the star power of Kid Yamamoto, Hero's has made a major statement in regards to what promotion will be considered going forward as the most successful MMA group in the world.

Winners of the main matches on the show tonight were Kid Yamamoto over Kazuyuki Miyata, Yoshihiro Akiyama over Katsuhiko Nagata, and Don Frye over Akebono, all as expected.


Sakuraba is going to take part in the Heroes GP and it was stated earlier that Penn will also be in that GP.

This might be the first time ever both pride and ufc both have a rep fighter in a competitors show.

When Saku wasnt in the OWGP it was obvious something is going on, and when he left Takada dojo it only feuled speculation further.


Did that just say potentially brock lesnar? I actually think that would be pretty cool, one of the biggest most athletic men on the planet and an amazing wrestler to boot. Teach him some striking and some submissions and he could be one bad ass mofo. Similar to how fedor got slammed on his head, then still won.

Brock did a shooting star press of the top rope and landed on the top of his head and basically almost broke his neck. He still wrestled the rest of the match even though he admitted he was basically out on his feet. I'm just saying he could also probably take a shot or two to that big melon he calls a head.



Lesnar and K-1.

It's from the last K-1 Las Vegas show.

Quick note for those who aren't that familiar with the MMA scene. "Heroes" is the, recently created, MMA offshoot of K-1 which is the biggest kickboxing organisation in Japan (K-1 has had MMA bouts on it's kickboxing shows on occasion: see Royce Gracie's last fight.)


A 10-minute Japanese Pro Wrestling match between Lesnar and Akebono:

I can only imagine that if he goes to full MMA, he'd be comparable to Bob Sapp, only not quite and huge and strong (almost, but not quite).


Interesting. Aside from Sudo and the errant promotion-jumpers like Herring, I never thought much of the Hero's roster.

There's also the rumor that Silva's leaving Pride as well.

But Pride really has nothing to fear, they've still got the most phenomenal lineup we've ever seen, although the UFC could rival that fairly easily if they'd promote guys who are actually awesome and not their TUF guys.


Really? I thought of sapp as just a huge guy with little skills? Surley being the NCAA heavyweight champ 3 years in a row for collegiate wrestling show he has some type of ground game. One thing i'm pretty sure of is that if he want's to take someone down, he is going to. I remember watching him wrestle Kurt Engle for fun and angle who won a damn gold medal basically got owned. Obviously if he has no striking or submission skills he will be boring. I tend to think he will be more like a 275 pound matt hughes, picking people up and slamming the hell out of them and then GNP, but I guess we might get to see right?



Please do not compare Lesner to Bob Sapp...while I admittedly like Sapp for his raw strength, Lesner would be in a different league simply because of his wrestling background. I think a better comparison would be his potential to be the next Mark Kerr if he could match Kerr's ferocity in the ring, that guy was an absolute beast.


Angle is quite a bit lighter than Lesner...Lesner was an amazingly strong and quick heavyweight collegiate wrestler, if any of you have seen matches from his senior year you'd know what I was talking about, not quite the "snap and spin til one of us gets tired and gives up the takedown" heavyweight.


MMAWEEKLY.com said Lesnars first fight will be against Bob Sapp. That should put to rest (test) all these theories about Lesnar being Bob Sapp (un)like.


-Lesnar was champ once, his senior year of 2000.

-Lesnar and Angle rolled around more than once in the WWE, off-camera, and Brock was the one who was always outwrestled. I'm not sure what you were watching-it was probably a work and not a shoot.

In any case, this is great news for MMA, to finally have a legitimate elite athlete, who is also a genetic freak, compete.

Actually, Rulon Gardner did fight once, and looked great. I believe he's actually going to fight again this year. I'd love to see him vs Fedor or CroCop or Nog.