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Big mistake?

Hey, I am going to be 15 in about a week, and my football coach put me on some deca, told me everything i need to know and all, but he also said that it won’t stunt my growth and won’t mess me up… i trust him and decided to go for it, i’m 5’5 and 150 lbs. im on my 4th week of taking 400mg. i just got the internet and looked some stuff up and found out it can mess kids up…Can you help me? I don’t know what to do… Thanks

I think this is a bullshit post. If it’s true, your coach needs to be castrated or at least turned in.

The coach gives most of the seniors steroids but he told me that i am capable of becomming a very very good player so he wanted me to take them and he said deca durabolin would be a good choice since its easy to find… I dont want to turn the coach in i just want to know what to do, should i stop injecting, or will this not mess me up? please help!

I’d stop.

Do your parents know about this? I am only 19 but if i had a son and some coach actually told him to take and gave him the steroids at age 15, words can not describe what i will do to that son of a bitch.
Do not do what you dont want to.

your coach is a real fucking dirtbag

Kid, you need to stop, NOW! Right fucking now! DO NOT continue taking the deca. Tell your ‘coach’ that you’d rather take creatine or something, and give it back to him. Please do as we suggest.

yea, i would highly suggest not taking steriods at your age. Sure it might make you stronger, but stunting your growth and some other nasty possible side effects aren’t too appealing. It is only a game. I love sports, and strive to be the best, but i refuse to let it take over/ruin my life.

Im with TEK on this one. This same post came on this board about 3 months ago or so. But, in the slim chance this post is serious, Matt, no matter how good of a coach you BELIEVE him to be, no good coach would deliberately put his players’ futures in jeopardy. Think about it…this coach wants u to get as quick and big as you can for HIM…hes not gonna care what happens to u after high school. That is, unless you turn pro, then he’ll be there to take the credit. Hes obvioulsy in this only for himself, and that is NOT a good coach. Stop ure using til youre at least 21. And give us your coaches address, so we can talk to him about it.

Yep…Bullshit post. 5’5" ? Who are you…Spud Webb?

Thanks for your advice. So have i stunted my growth already? No my parents don’t know. I will quit now, but have i messed myself up? I am glad i came here or i would of continued taking it. Thanks again.

Matt, I suggest you continue taking your meds until you have complete control over this compulsion to lie. Other than that, your due for a big growth spurt…double up on the deca

compulsion to lie?? You think i should take it all the way through? I’m just worried about growth stunting and hormones. I don’t want this to mess me up, i am just going to quit, thanks for your help

Right on, Matt. Stop taking it.

i just wanted to be one more person to tell you NOT to do this. the last thing you want to do is screw with your hormones when you need certain amounts to do the growing a teenager does.

I don’t know if this post is for real but if I had a son and a coach did this I would fucking kill him. I would gladly go to jail for it too. It would be worth it. What kind of a sick fuck does this sort of shit to a kid. It’s ludicrous. Oh well, that’s the world for ya.

5’5" and 150 lbs. and playing varsity football? With enough raw potential that a coach is willing to risk his livelihood and even jailtime to get him started on steroids? Yeah, right. Bullshit post. Make it 6’3", 220 lbs. in this post’s next go-around, “Matt.” Unless you’re trying to see how gullible we really are.

I found out that estrogen is what causes stunted growth? I just wanna know if this is going to mess me up when i get older, one person mentioned to go on it, and most say stop… confusing… and Brian our school is pretty small and i dont like you telling me that im lieing, now that is bullshit. ANy real smart guys out there that can tell me if i stunted my growth and if this stuff is going to mess me up??

Though I do have my own reservations as to whether you’re wasting my time or not, I’ve decided that your “confused” ass (how stupid are you?) may need some more prompting to stop taking these steroids! Listen, I’m 18 and about a year ago I started to research how practicle it would be for me to do a cycle(I play football in Canada and am all city/conference - my high school team was ranked in the top 5 in the country and my varsity team won Ontario). I asked all the “dealer sources” that I knew and they all said “sure, that little cycle wouldn’t fuck you up.” So, I put some money together and was just about to buy the shit when a good friend of mine who had been on the juice (he’s a year older) shattered his entire femur(yes his fucking femur) on a simple extra point! I was scared shitless and decided to do some extra research and sure enough I found honest opinions along with substantied fact that growth plates are sealed with the influx of test (at that age and I’m simplifying). Obviously, causing the bone to be stunted, not being able to mature to the strength required for such a demanding sport. Besides, at your age, you’re about to hit a huge peak in your natural hormone levels!
I don’t believe your post but as in life, chance is always a possibility. So, tell your coach to fuck off and if he kicks you off the tema black mail his ass!

I think hes lying too. 5’5" 150. you better run a 4.2 forty. and bodyguard im pretty sure its the estrogen that closes the epiphyseal plates.