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Big Martin training log had to join in, sounds fun

My training log

Today 9-30-03

Max effort squat deadlift

gpp warm up
pull down abs 5x12
a1…Pull througs 5x12
a2…band gm 5x15
lat pull downs 5x20

Chain suspended gm with safety squat bar
worked up to 335 x3repsx3sets

reverse band deadlift
worked up to 565x2repsx2sets

lat pull downs 5x8

Max effort bench day

Gpp warm up
Lat pull down 5x10
band gm 5x10
rear delt flys 1x20 2x8
face pulls 2x20
band pul through 1x33

Ok me and Steve were talking about Circa max bench ect and He asked me what I could bench with a doubled mini band so we decided to find out today we used a single ply loose bench shirt just maily for protection. my previous max was about 3 months ago it was 295 with a doubled mini with the same shirt…we put our bench shirts on at 185…couldnt touch the first rep then the next 2 touched

worked up to 255x3, 275x3, 285x1, 305x1,
285x2 off 2 boards, 285 x2 off 3 boards,

incline dumbell 75x10 reps x2 sets

barbell extensions to the chin 95x8,135x5repsx2sets

push downs 3x10
hammer curls 3x10

face pulls with green band 4x25

Overall a good day, could of maybe gotten 315 or so but this work out was tuff on the joints I could tell my shoulders, pecs were really strained after the 305…Big Martin

I guess that answers my question.

Been with the fiance all weekend…

Sat- dynamic squat

Gpp warm up
ab pull downs 6x20
a1. pull throughs 5x15
a2. band gm 5x15
b1. lat pull down 3x15
b2. face pulls 3x20

Box squat with a Blue and a Purple band
worked up to 255x2repsx3sets 275x2repsx2sets,

Speed deadlifts 2 doubled minis each side standing on a 4 inch box 245x6setsx1set, 315x6setsx1 reps, alternated between reg and sumo each rep…

Sunday- Dynamic bench

Felt very very beat up still from thursday espicially in my shoulder gridle and all my joins major signal to say take it easy…

Mjaor objectives of the day speed and blood flow, blood flow, and some more blood flow.

Lat pull downs light 10x10
Band face pulls 5x20
rear delt flys 5x10

Speed bench straight weight,


steep decline bench press

315x5-Should not have done this set, was shooting for around 8 but it was felling it to muchin my joits so I stopped at 5

Band tri push downs 5x25

Band extensions 5x10

See yea next week…Big Martin

Tuesday max effort squat deadlift

gpp warmup
Ab pull downs 5x20
a1.pull throughs 5x8
a2. band gm 5x15

10 inch low box squats
worked up to 425x3

pin 1 rack pulls
worked up to 500x2

BAck was fried went inside and made a big martin recovery shake…see yea thrusday

Oh yea yesterday I used the SSbar for the 10 inch box squats…Big Martin…Dont know why I forgot to post that was really tired. I basically use the SSbar for all low box squats and GM’s…Big Martin

what happened martin, i was looking forward to more posts. having time issues?

Heavy I am confused what do you mean???..Big Martin

thursay Max effort bench press

Gpp warm up
lat pull downs wide handle 5x12
lat pull downs medium handle 3x10
lat pull downs v-grip 2x8

Max effort 2-4 board mix Raw

**** we warm up using 2 board work up to a heavy not a max but a heavy triple using 2 boards to cut down on the shoulder rotation then we move up to 4 boards…

worked up to 315x5 off 2 boards
worked up to 335x3 off 2 boards
then added 4 boards
350x3 off 4 board
365x3 off 4 board
385x3 off 4 board
405x3 off 4 board
425x2.5 LOL off 4 board hit the up rights on last REP goT stuck strained for what felt like 1 hour lol.

tri push downs wide grip

hammer curls

LOG bench press…
*** this is a large wooden log made for local strong man competition the place wnet out of buisness we Got the log lol it weighs 220 pounds but has set in the rain so weighs more we did 2 sets to faiure


rear delt fly 3x8repsx55pound bells

see yea this weekend…

In case you guys have noticed and though I have not posted all my work outs I have just look at the dates, I do no extra workouts and work on my days off at a boys and girls club so i ge mental extra worouts lol, are trainng split here at FUCKFEARDRINKBEERBARBELLCLUB IS



Dynamic Squat Saturday 10-11

Gpp warm up

ab pull downs 5x12
a1 doubled green band Good morning 5x10
a2 lat pull downs 5x10

6 sled trips 45&25

b1 hammer curls 5x10
b2 rear delt fys 5x15

box squat 14 inch box
worked up to
blue band + 275x2setsx2reps
blue band + 300x5setsx2reps
blue band + purple band 300x1setx2reps
blue band + purple band + purple band 300x1setsx2reps !!! about fucking killed me !!! but that wich does not kill you will only make you stronger lol

**** took a few minutes break ate 2 snickers bar and drank a gatorade, and put in a huge pinch of dip Rooster Icy Mint…yea yea Hiro I am a fat ass …

Speed Deadlifts Off 4 inch box with 245 pounds and 2 mini bands each side… Trained my pull preety heavy Tuesday with rack pulls so I decided to keep it light and high volume for Latic Acid Training Had to Work off the Snicker bars…
20x1 with 15 seconds rest alternated between sumo and regualar deadlift every other rep.

Meal log for the day

Woke up at noon

12am Stauffers Skillet sensation faimily sized meal chicken alfredo ate the whole thing. Drink Sweet Tea

3pm Bob Evans Turkey and Dressing meal with cottage chesse and mashed potatoes. Drink Rasberry Ice tea

5pm Protien shake with a bowl full of frozen berries.

6 pm trained

6:45 2 snickers bars 1 gatorade

7:30 Big Martin protien shake


of Pinches of Dip today 6

Music during the workout
NWA greates hits mixed CD with some Tupac.

of Bitch ass training partners who punke out on there team toda and will get punched inthe face and maybe kicked out of the FUCKFEARDRINKBEERBARBELLCLUB 1, I hope you see this you punk ass bitch.

See Yea tommrow…Big Martin

Dynamic bench press sunday october 12th 2003

Gpp Warm up

Lat pull down wide grip 3x8 heavy
lat pull down wide grip 3x12 light
lat pull down v-grip 2x10 light
lat pull down close grip 2x10 light

Front raise 1x10
arm cirles with 5 pound bells 1x20

Dynamic bench
speed strength phase

Worked up to 95 pounds wth 3 mini bands doubled 3x3 reps
2 mini bands 3x3
1 mini band 3x3
3 mini bands 3x3
2 mini bands 3x3
1 mini band 3x3
2 mini band 3x3

5 board press high volume


A1 tricep band extensions 3s15
A2 band face pulls 3x20
A3 hammer curls 3x12

******* Best day I have had benching in a longtime, have finally got my set up where I want it. Moved the bar as fast as I have in a few weeks and the reason is we have cut down on the amount of bottom work we have been doing on max effort day, we were doing to much and we realized it by the way are shoulders were felling. If you are weak off the chest it has nothing to do with the amount of low work you do it is all about SPEED, this is the best speed cycle for me it has really helped my bench but if you do too much max effort bottom work you will fuck yourself, once every 3 weeks do some kind of bottom work, stick with the 2-3-4 board presses, they are the best bench builder for max effort work in my opinion, the reverse band presses are more test days that anything else and we have found triples on shirt day ,…Just my thoughts Big Matin

Big Martin, quick question for the mini bands, I just got mine friday and used them on DE bench Sunday, as far as set up, I choked them around a dumbell and had to wrap them around the handle about 5 times so I had tension at the bottom of my press, is this proper? I noticed you said you doubled yours, could you explain?

Thanks Matt

P.S. your training logs have been a great help since I am knew to WS.

Mrroy- tension at the bottom is the most important thing, we acheieve this by doubling the bands, what I mean by doubling is take 2 dumbells as big as you can get and then take the band under the dumbells and then wrap each end of the band around the bar. Basically you will pull the band tight as you can then loop both ends of the band, only use this for bench with the mini bands, for the squat choke the bands, hope this helps and dont be affraid to ask if you have any other questions. …big martin

As far as choking the bands for squats … what if you are unable to lift up the power rack to choke the bands underneath it?

Would dumbbells on the side work?

Also, where on the collar of the bar should the bands be? Should they be placed after the weights are on or before the weights are loaded onto the bar?

Thanks Big M,


Meat, you can use dumbells or plates to choke the bands around, but you’ll need to stack them a bit. Search for pics of Goldberg’s or Machine’s band setups for squats in the photo forum. Maybe one of them could bump it for you…

There might also be pics on elitefts.com in the “exercise descriptions”…not sure.

Where the bands go on the bar depend upon what you are doing, what bar you are using, etc… In most instances the bands will go on the bar right up to the collar (so they go on first) and then plates will be stacked behind them. Like I said, this isn’t always the case, though (for example, when doing band work with a cambered squat bar, the bands are normally looped over the plates, and not the bar).

bm, I’m not sure if you said before – but where in Indiana are you at?

Thanks Steve … I found Goldberg’s squatting with bands thread … helps a ton.

Westside is awesome … just finished my ME Bench day … tri’s are fried.

Meat - yea Dumbells are what I use to chocke the bands when I squat if you are using a lot of bands you may need to lay a 100 pound plate on the side of the bells to keep them from being lifted into the air…this is scary when it happenslol…Big Matin

Ryno I am from the south side of Indianapolis…If you are close you should come down and train one weekend at the FFDBC…Big Martin

Not exactly close… I’m a little south of Chicago. But I could probably make it out one weekend. I wouldn’t mind checking out your gym, and having you check my form on some sheit if that’d be possible.

I’ll get back to you for sure when I can find a little time.