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Big Man in a Little Man's Body

  1. Why am I here?
    I may not be the most honorable member here, but I am one and I fucking love this place.
    Nuff said.
    (I read in t-muscle long before I had this account)

  2. A little something about me:
    Just turned 17, 5.4’, 180lb. Im a shorty and I don’t look good heavy, Im also fat - 20% BF. I lift since March 2008, but than again - I lift smart since less than a year.

  3. Personal records:
    Overhead press - 110x5
    Deadlift - 308x4 (could have done 5 tho)
    Squat - 300 1RM
    Bench press - 198x1
    Chin-ups - BWx22 @ 70kg.; weighted 27.5x6 @ 80kg.

I am from Bulgaria and the metric system here is different, we use kilograms instead of pounds, so Ill try to make it easier for you. The PRs are in LBs.

  1. Goals:
    I only train for one simple reason - to see how far I could go in natural strength training. I want to cut the mass, but only to get to ~150lb, so my PRs could actually look impressive to someone… ANYONE, but me. After Im done cutting, Ill be doing either 5/3/1, milk & squat (breathing 20-rep squat program), or the 25 method. Will see about that, there is enough time.

p.s. And yes, I do NOT know how to pose.
p.s.2 I DO squat since day #1, and I DO deadlift since day #1, so there ARE wheels, I just don’t have a photo of my legs atm, but in my opinion, the only 2 muscle groups that I am actually proud of, are legs and back.

My routine:

Day 1: Chest/back, sprints
Day 2: Lactate-inducing workout A, cardio
Day 3: rest
Day 4: Hams/quads
Day 5: Lactate-inducing workout B, cardio
Days 6 & 7: rest.

what kind of goals are you shooting for in lifting?

Personal achievements, no competing. I dont mind a fine looking body, but it’s not top priority. If it comes to me with time, I will keep it, but if not - Im not even going to chase it. I cut only to fit in lighter category.

New photos in my hub some lifting updates:

Overhead press - 132x5
Deadlift - 363 1RM
Bench press - 220 1RM
Dips - 20 reps @ 190 BW
Chins - 15 reps @ 190 BW