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Big Lou Video


Old...but found it pretty entertaining...shows him doing shoulders....and bis.......


My favorite bodybuilder. He has some huge guns. He mentions 23 inch arms and a 60 inch chest. Are those really his numbers?


That's what he wants to be.


that guy is a piece of shit


OK. Now why the hell would you say something like this? You call the guy a piece of shit, yet you give me no reason to believe you. You got some fucking balls to post something like that. I'd love to see you say that to his face.

So explain your insult, so I and I'm sure some others don't have to think your the piece of shit......Unless you what to be a piece of shit, then be my guest.


His voice annoys me not to mention he is weak as shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4RJBC6Uxkc


So what's the history of Lou, cuz I don't know why he's hated.


lou still looks great, if he was a competing today he'd be doing the weights they are doing now, and even bigger. he sounds like that because he is partially deaf.


first of all, if i ever call someone a piece of shit, then theyre a piece of shit, keep your worthless opinion to yourself.

second of all, i think it is at the arnold classic, where nutrition companies, bodybuilders, nfl stars, etc. come and buy and set up kiosks to sign up autographs, talk to fans, and maybe even sell merchandise. Well, when I went with a couple of my buddies (my buddy's dad is a big wig at EAS, and they drop big money for their kiosk at this thing) we see lou and go to his kiosk to see whats up with him, wondering why no one else is even entertaining the thought of going up to him,

so we go over to his booth, start talking to him, while no one else is even considering going to his booth. After 2 minutes he finally explodes and says if you're not going to buy something, then get the fuck out of here. After we laughed in his face and called him a wash-up, we went to fridge perry's booth, who was watching the whole thing, laughing at him.


Lou has a reputation of being a jerk these days, but Jacked Diesel that first post makes you seem childish here. If someone had said "Lou is the nicest guy I know" and you had shared your story to be an opposing side to that then fine. But saying he's a piece of shit is a little uncalled for considering the video was him training and that's pretty much it.


Lou's seems to have a pretty bad reputation among people in the industry. It's kinda sad, as all of the other BBers from his era either went on to do something big, or realized that they weren't really 'celebrities', except to other bodybuilders, and so they really appreciated the attention.

Lou always seemed to convey that he thought he was a much bigger deal than he was, which again, is kinda sad. If he were friendlier, I'm sure more people would speak highly of him. Coleman was top dog for so long, but still was always polite, and went the extra mile for his fans.



So my opinion is worthless and your opinion is the word of God? Come back to reality.

If you just explained that in the beginning I would of understood your feelings and you wouldn't off come off like a total prick. Now that you've done that it, I see your POV. You just don't say things like that about someone who many of us respect and look up to without giving a reason. Thats all.


Thanks guys for the explaination...continue the flaming.


how was it uncalled for? the topic is about lou, i stated my opinion on lou, which given my knowledge on the subject, most people generally share the same view.

don't tell me for a second someone has not brought up an event, or a person that you know and the first thing that has come to mind is, that place sucks, or fuck that guy, without diving into an explanation.


He is probably the second most famous BB of that time (maybe all time). His time as the Incredible Hulk and doing occasional TV shows may have made him arrogant.


Of course I THINK those things like everyone else. When I see Lou first thing that comes to mind is all the stories about him being a jerk, but there isn't a reason in my mind to SAY it.