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Big Little Brother


OK, my younger brother has finally gotten over a series of foot and ankle problem after almost 2 years and 3 surgeries.

Meanwhile, he has done little but upper body lifting, and he's stong, but out of shape in just about every other way.

Currently he's 28 years old
6-3 and 295 pounds
has a 60 inch chest,
50 inch waist (sucked in!)
32 inch thighs
arms a tad under 21 inches
AND about 22-24% bodyfat.

He can bench 435 real strict and could squat and dead right around 550 before his problems so strength is not a problem.

The main problem is, he
a) is fat
b) is out of shape and
c) has lost a lot of flexibility
and also
d) his eating habits have gone down hill, mostly because with the foot problems he just didn't see an end in sight-he kept having one problem come up after another.

What is the best and most efficient way for him to get into shape and regain flexibility and loose oh around 40 pounds of fat? I just want to give him a plan and some kind of time frame. He can be very focused when he has a goal in sight.

Thanks a lot.


I think you Know what he needs form your list. You know this stuff just apply it. ASlso he has got to want to change of course.

I say if you Go D,B,C, then A will follow.

Go get em eh'

Nail those and Come back if you guys have any further more direct questions.

Hope that helped,


Yup. I think Phill's right. Just get him on a good, clean, healthy eating plan with the right amount of calories to lose fat. Doesn't have to be a specific T-Nation diet, although that might be a good thing too (maybe Berardi's Don't Diet Plan). Work on some stretching. He clearly knows how to train. Being able to work lower body again should help with fat loss too.


I understand that "quality" is important in the diet, but I don't even know if he needs to increase or decrease his calories. Or maybe just work on quality and have him eat as much as he wants for a couple weeks to see what happens.


With a 50+" waist, I think he has had enough of "eating as much as he wants". I'll tell you what happens if he does, they start using his underwear to cover football fields when it rains.