Big Lifts as Active Breaks at Work from Home

Hello guys, hope everyone is strong and healthy, I have something in my mind that I’m doing since this week, but I don’t know if this can cause problems or over training, I’m at work from home, and this will take a while for me at least, and in an effort to stay more active, because as a software developer almost all my day I’m glued to a chair, I’ve started to do deadlifts, bench presses, rows, pull ups and squats every hour, because my power rack is near my desk, I’m just doing 5 reps with 40% to 50% load of my 3RM every 60 to 90 mins, one day I did only squats, the other just deadlifts and so on, this is additional from my regular training program and I’m not targeting the same muscle that I did that day, because I train early in the morning, what do you thing about this? Good? Bad? Stupid?

It’s not enough stress to cause fatigue. If you move it fast enough there might be improvement in your ability to generate power (similar to what doing a few jumps might do) but there isn’t enough there to cause a strength/hypertrophy adaption.

There’s probably a technique benefit but those movements are not exactly complex so probably not a lot of benefit. Plus intensity matters, perfect technique at 30% doesn’t necessarily translate to great technique at 85%+

So overall, I think it’s going to burn a few extra calories and may make you more explosive for not much in terms of fatigue but I wouldn’t be expecting it to add loads of muscle or 100lbs to your lifts.

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It should help. Your overall work capacity should increase, and your brain will definitely work better through the day.

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What about curls and tricep extensions?

Don’t neglect the guns!

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As @strongmangoals said, the load isn’t anywhere near challenging enough to stimulate hypertrophy or strength increases. Chances are your technique will improve a lot.

Don’t be afraid to go a bit heavier/harder. As a general rule, you probably need to get within 5 reps of failure to stimulate hypertrophy