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Big Lift Preparation


anybody have any good suggestions as to how to prepare for a big lift? like what to eat, drink, etc. things like that. thanks


What I do know is I love watching this video of Benedikt Magnusson deadlift.

His pre-lift ritual is pretty awesome, it reminds me of the entrance of a megaman boss.


bloat up as much as possible.


find the rage


Spike and Alpha GPC seem to help with concentration and feeling "on." For one lift your nutrition will have next to nothing to do with it, but I like to have a disgusting huge meal the night before. I think this helps me sleep better more than anything. Just eat normally the day of, and drink lots of fluids.


I messed up nutritionally big style for my last meet.

Felt progressively shittier throughout the day, had a big meal before bed the night before of pizza and sides, chocolate etc. Usual breakfast of oats and MD, then it went to pot. Used my para workout protocol during the comp (whey/WMS/BCAA/creatine) but solid food sucked. I think over the course the day (beyond my shakes) I had a Mars bar and a cheeseburger. Also drank two cans of Monster and had two Spike tabs. Next meet i'm definately changing my nutritional strategy, as I felt completely beat by the time deadlifts came around, I pulled about 4 warm ups and just hit the platform! Still two PR's and a 1400 total will be fine for getting on with at 198 in my first meet.


I would definitely stay away from fast carbs in high quantities. Meets are too long and you will crash at some point. Eating quality food is a better idea.

I was under the impression this was just talking about one lift though, like going for a big PR in the gym.


Well I'm 15 so i don't compete. I just need something that will give me an extra boost before i try and pull off a big bench, squat or deadlift. I'm on 5/3/1 so i only max out every 4 weeks. Just something that will give me an edge. I'm lookin to start competing soon though.


I definitely starting cracking up when he does his dance in the beginning. That was awesome.


Well you actually aren't supposed to max every four weeks on 5/3/1. You are supposed to deload. I guess doing that once in a while is ok but I wouldn't do it every four weeks.


Read stuff by Pavel Tsatsouline. Instant strength boost.


There was an article a little while ago where Dave Tate and Joe Defranco both reccomended eating a ton of salty food(get bloated) the day before a big lift.


Snort ammonia. Lots of it.