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Big Jez' Training Log




Ha ha, I saw your pic and thought it could be the 3rd pic in this beard transformation which was posted in the weighted stretching thread!


I think the beard was a result of increased test.


This isn’t even my final form


This is turning into a funny thread, I’ll bring out the popcorn and beers.


Beers, popcorn and mildly heavy weights

The way to my heart :heart:


Monday PM DW wk1

DL 3x10 120kg light work
Felt easy peasy lemon squeezy

Squat 10x10 135kg

Felt difficult difficult lemon difficult
Especially plus after the 7th set

Db 28kg p/arm lunges, core work - a bunch
Yeah this wasn’t fun


What no crazy face pics today !!


That sounds about right. First 2-3 sets you think “man, I think I used too light of a weight”, and then set 6-7 rolls around and you wonder if you’ll make it, haha. Good on you dude!


I think it has something to do with the “light” work in the first movement, subconsciously I’m thinking “yep, set of 3 is fine” then just a complete shock doing another 7
Thanks man


Quick update

Training disappeared after midweek due to the new job commitments and interviews etc
Today was first day on the job, and I handled it better then I thought
The new program that I’m running is just as much about changing your mindset as what it is training and diet (I’m sure @T3hPwnisher can vouch for that)
The mental side of this job had really been playing on me
Every day I’ve been reading the whole program over and over, essentially battling mental demons where today, I applied what I’ve learnt and I dare say a large portion of my fears are conquoured which is awesome personally

A great view aswell

When all this stuff settles down, I’ll be able to step back Into the gym and take my new found appreciation to life and kick some ass


Good stuff man. Life gains right there


Wicked! I bet you’ll love the pay too


Awesome news. Check out Arthur Chrzaszcz on FB or IG. He’s a higher ranked SHW who does a very similar job. Something about being a SHW I guess…


That actually gives me so confidence that those ropes are holding a bloke as big as artur :joy:

@guineapig for sure man!

@duketheslaya oh absolutely man, it is well deserved though


Partial update

Been keeping a little quiet training wise
Going strong, knocking them out
Its a mental struggle more then physically at the moment but we will get there
Going onto week 3 soon, when my current work finishes up this Thursday I’ll be back to updating this

Work update, negotiating contracts is no fun at the moment but hopefully everything will be clearer by the end of the week

Life update, the purchase of the new dog has fucked with my sleep massively
Like a new born except I leave it at home for the day :joy:


Week 3 is fun: that’s when you start discovering just what you got yourself in to, haha.


That loss of a minute rest is going to be a challenge but sadistically, I’m looking forward to it


Alright sweet back into logging, the new years period is finally done(ish)

Couldnt really commit to phone logging, not even going to bother uploading photos of the paper log, nothing has changed all that much.
Still doing deep water, had a small break after the end of the beginners phase, for recovery only

Im actually going to commit to the diet this time, which is scary to me for my love of carbohydrates but the fact its pretty much free reign on protein is something im excited about.

Had a bit of a play around, knocked up a little meet to establish some new true 1rms so it was a true representation on my strength. SBD was
Minor increases on all, which was surprising how little ive trained for strength this year

OHP was the biggest gain, a little leg drive and did 3x140
My bench needs to come up. Its holding me back with everything else

I cleaned the 140s so thats untested, but ill say 140 for the gist of it
Pull ups were 11 unbroken. They werent pretty, but theyll do
I think thats lower then my last tested thing but ohwell

Im gunna flutter around until next week and then intermediate will start

Itll be good to consistently open up the deep water portals. Its such a rewarding thing to do, I just cant explain it.

Anywho, good to have some normality here
Happy new years everyone


Strong giant



Im around people putting up 1000kg totals. I know im comparing apples and oranges with training goals but its good not being the strongest guy in the room