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Big Jez' Training Log



Friday check in with coach
Happy with progress

126.5kg weight

Has upped my calories
Basically no fats, and carbs have jumped up a heap
Gunna have to start knuckling down with intensity now


Saturday am
Went for a 30min walk with the pup/misso

Dropped her off at the crossfit box, went to my PL gym again

Shoulders and arms

Warm up
7kgx100 3 sets
Left rotator cuff felt iffy today, but was just a little naggy, nothing severe

Superset between:

side laterals
12kg x20
14kg x20
15kg x15
10kg x 20

Seated dumbell press
20kg x15/10
25kg x15/10
35kg x15/10
45kg x10

Was done with SS, but PB a set of dumbell press
That was hell, sat on the floor for like 5 mins after that staring at my reflection in the mirror😂

Went to the cables
Rotated between side/front raises and facepulls

10kgx20 for each side and front, and 30kg for face pull x30
4 sets

Was done for that


Wtf you use the 55kg dumbells!!


It was enough, believe me, I should be using those a lot more then I do but its a mental battle
There was probably enough arch in my back to call it a vertical bench press :joy:


Jesus fucking Christ man


Saturday PM training

Chest and high rep arms

Rotated between these three for 5 sets

Incline dumbell bench
30kg to failure (17reps)

High set cable flys

20kgx… it started at 20
The other 4 sets I lost count

Flat bench

60kg x 15/10
80kg x 10
90kg x 7
95kg x 5 (This felt reaallllyyy heavy, but considering I had just pushed out to near failure cable flys, its passable)
60kg to failure (either 21 or 22, I remember passing 20 but didnt get many pass that)

Was well moist by this ending and contemplated life for a while on the floor

Then did some arm supersets x 4

Standing alternate dumbell bicep curls
15/17.5/20kg worked up weights
15/10 reps for each weight

Tricep cable pushdowns
25kg x 15/10

Was done after this
Pretty good night, the misso is out with the girls so it gave me some free time to myself


Watching a PL mate who is competing at the boss of bosses over in california, smash out 90kg for 15 motivated me :joy:


And for anyone reading my posts and wondering what the fuck im rattling on about when I use 15/10

It is a rep scheme coined by my coach

15 slow and controlled reps at a tempo around 2/3/2
Really emphasizing the “3” squeeze, and after doing those 15 reps, going fast as possible whilst still controlling the weight another 10 reps

If you can get the 10 reps, add weight

So yes, essentially it is 25 reps, but the different reps do different actions
Squeeze to get that MMC, and then the quick reps to really feel the pump

No, there is no rest between the 15/10

Try it next time, its brutal and it works


Rhys K?


How in the heck are you getting 55Kgx15 on DB press at the end of a workout, but 95Kgx5 on bench is hard? Your overhead is crazy strong compared to your flat pressing strength! Of course, if you’re working on strongman, that’s probably not a bad place to be…


Yeah mate👍


Oh it was nowhere near what I normally bench, but coupled with todays earlier session and the fact I was super fatigued maybe had a bit to play on it.

It is a weakness ill admit, pressing does come pretty naturally to me with my anatomical make up, compared to bench pressing with my long ass arms :joy:


How on earth can you do 25 reps on anything. 10 reps and I’m either bored as hell or buried under the bar :slight_smile:
Impressive workouts mate


Figured. How’s he going? It looks like he’s gone pretty quiet on IG and stuff, which I’m taking to be a good thing.


On his deload by the timing of things, just did a 400kg squat
By the stuff he has put up his total should be around the 1060kg mark which is a 60kg jump from his last meet
Shows how good of a coach sebastian is
Quite a rep of athletes on his team, obviously rhys, alex simon and a certain strongman by the name of hafthor…


Sunday pm

Last nights training was back and some strongman implements

A whole bunch of cable rows, variations of pull ups, lat pull downs, power cleans and the sort

Finished off with farmers carries

240kgs over 50 metres
Slowly edging back towards the PB pre ankle injury but feeling good

Pm is legs tonight so will keep that posted later


awesome mate.


Thanks mate :grin:


Monday PM legs with an emphasis on quads

Leg extensions

A climber
Started at 6 stacks from bottom
20 reps for each stack
At full stack, a further 2 sets at 20 reps
Then back down to the starting stack and as many reps as possible to 100 with as minimal sets (got it done in 3)

Walking lunges
50m x 3 with 18kg kettlebells

45degree leg press
Same deal as the leg extensions except starting with 1pair of 20kg plates, up 5 plates keeping feet about 20cm and low on the foot plate

Safety bar squats
3 sets 10 reps at 1 plate
1 set 5 reps at 2 plates
2 sets 5 reps at 3 plates

Finished up with 5 mins medium effort on assault bike predominantly feet no arms
And like 20 power cleans at 80kg for shits and giggles


How were the legs after all that !! Nice work