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Big Jez' Training Log



Oh it was nowhere near what I normally bench, but coupled with todays earlier session and the fact I was super fatigued maybe had a bit to play on it.

It is a weakness ill admit, pressing does come pretty naturally to me with my anatomical make up, compared to bench pressing with my long ass arms :joy:


How on earth can you do 25 reps on anything. 10 reps and I’m either bored as hell or buried under the bar :slight_smile:
Impressive workouts mate


Figured. How’s he going? It looks like he’s gone pretty quiet on IG and stuff, which I’m taking to be a good thing.


On his deload by the timing of things, just did a 400kg squat
By the stuff he has put up his total should be around the 1060kg mark which is a 60kg jump from his last meet
Shows how good of a coach sebastian is
Quite a rep of athletes on his team, obviously rhys, alex simon and a certain strongman by the name of hafthor…


Sunday pm

Last nights training was back and some strongman implements

A whole bunch of cable rows, variations of pull ups, lat pull downs, power cleans and the sort

Finished off with farmers carries

240kgs over 50 metres
Slowly edging back towards the PB pre ankle injury but feeling good

Pm is legs tonight so will keep that posted later


awesome mate.


Thanks mate :grin:


Monday PM legs with an emphasis on quads

Leg extensions

A climber
Started at 6 stacks from bottom
20 reps for each stack
At full stack, a further 2 sets at 20 reps
Then back down to the starting stack and as many reps as possible to 100 with as minimal sets (got it done in 3)

Walking lunges
50m x 3 with 18kg kettlebells

45degree leg press
Same deal as the leg extensions except starting with 1pair of 20kg plates, up 5 plates keeping feet about 20cm and low on the foot plate

Safety bar squats
3 sets 10 reps at 1 plate
1 set 5 reps at 2 plates
2 sets 5 reps at 3 plates

Finished up with 5 mins medium effort on assault bike predominantly feet no arms
And like 20 power cleans at 80kg for shits and giggles


How were the legs after all that !! Nice work


You’re a beast


I don’t know how you’re recovering from all this while eating less than me. It’s quite incredible to watch.


Check out his jaw line !! :wink:


Im deadset feeling it today hahahaha


Thanks mate give it 10 years and we will be competing together in the Aus strongest man ill bet you that much


Well a sneak peak for this coming weeks cals are over 4300 at a minimum so the constant changing is helping

Im at 3800 at the moment and im not fluctuating so the next 6 weeks will be very fun🙏


Tuesday PM training

Was split for time so I rotated between;

Standing dumbell lateral raises 3x100 6kg
Seated press 30kg 3x15/10

A little triple superset between;

Flat bench
90kgx15/10 (moved much quicker tonight)

Roll off the bench and knock out 10 push ups

Standing cable flys

4stacks x15/10
5stacks x15/10
6stacks x15/10

Then did:
3 sets 3 reps flat bench
110kg flat, with the lowering over 5 seconds, and squeezing the pecs at full ROM

Was gunna leave but decided to be a full on bro and smash out 3 sets 8 at 22.5kg dumbell curls because of tha pump yo

My right quad is in all sorts of pain today so im goingto rest today, and probably all tomorrow aswell


Good to see you’re human!


Looking forward to it man


If you dont approach training with the same intensity of dolph lundgren as drago, then you aint training😂


Yer and the injections he had would help a by too :wink: