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Big Jez' Training Log

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JTS with Dr Mike Isratael:



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I’m in for donuts… I mean the log


Khangles you weak ass peasant deadlifter, My teletubby Og Gangstas gang will fuck you up boii.


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Alright so started this morning had to make a couple of minor adjustments and took some tips from a couple of posters. @Yogi1 , going to try berries this morning to curb my insatiable thirst for iced coffees

Done 40mins of conditioning in a fasted state, just a 6km walk through the hills and beach, now heading to work for the load up before my first meal.
Adjusted the 200g of chicken/100g of green vege to 250g of chicken/150g green vege

Same with lunch but add 50g of sweet potato.
I’ll have to make some minor adjustments for pre/post work out meals and dinner however it’ll mainly be add more protein for my main adjustment. Don’t want to dial up carbs too much just yet, possibly when In around 2 weeks when I dial it up a little more to 3500cals I’ll start to add carbs.
I don’t feel deflated or tired at all and the whole carb timing I’m pretty sure is working.
Keen for the workout tonight, it’s deadlift night.
I’ll keep you all posted!


Uh I think you tagged the wrong @Yogi1

it’s the thought that counts

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Just finished up at the gym, felt good. Hard, but good.

Started with 2km on tread, max incline at 6km/h.

Tonight was dead as major, chest as minor with back as accessories.

Warm up deads,
2x10 at 120kgs

2x5 at 150kg
2x5 at 170kg
2x5 at 200kg
5x3 at 220kg

Superset 3x8 at 150
4x20 shrugs at 90kgs
3x15 lat pull downs at 65kgs
2x5 strict pull ups

Went straight to chest as I didn’t really have much time,

Warm up 2x20 at 60kgs

3x6 at 70kg
3x6 at 80kg
2x5 at 90kg
I didn’t have a spot and was probably bumming myself out as I’m still sore from previous workout, didn’t want to up weight and risk death

4x10 at 65kg

3x15@ 28kgs pec flyes
2x10 at 20kg decline pec flyes
Really want to build my lower pecs and have been placing an emphasise on this.
3x15 hand release push ups
Workout took just over an hour, was going to do assault bike for some intervals but needed to get home


Curse of the SHW. gg

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Shouldn’t really be an excuse I know, when I picture what a SHW is, I don’t see weakness in any areas. And I know that it’ll be a difficult road, but in all honesty when I hit 140kgs in weight, I still want to be able to run 100m in 12.8 seconds as I currently do, I should be able to hit 20 unassisted strict pull ups with good form.
Considering less than a year ago I couldn’t do 1, I think I’m making good progress IMG_2829

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Dat momentum tho

See biancazen2

hmm you’re not supposed to get a sausage pump, thats not what they mean when they say go hard in the gym. :lol:

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Woke this morning at 124.6.
It’s a weird mind set going from losing weight to trying to gain muscle and seeing the scale move up, I immediately freak out even though looking in the mirror I actually look leaner than yesterday’s pics. It’ll take some time to getting used too but setting little goals wil help.
I have my measurements from about 4 weeks ago written down somewhere that I’ll post in a little while and take some more and compare, but as long as the belly is going down and the chest is going up I don’t really mind.
Diet will be same as yesterday, berries seemed to work a treat however I did come off a carb refeed the night before and I wasn’t craving, today… not so much.

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Still trying to think of something that makes me notice my lower chest. I think dips are about it, and even then it’s minor in terms of lower chest being noticeable. I’ve heard decline bench is good though, now I think about it.

Yeah they are both in my itenery
I think it’s because it’s really the last place the fat goes on your chest it’s more noticeable
Not gyro or anything but still noticeable non the less