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Big Jez' Training Log #roadtoSHW



Yep, just watched the CrossFit video. I’ve been trying to do a strict, no momentum, hanging straight leg raise combined with a bit out a reverse crunch to get my feet to the bar.

The kipping T2B video is way different than my version lol!


Yeah thats precisely the difference
The coach (who competed and is ranked pretty highly in the oceana region mind you) does them super strict, he showed us this little technique where when your legs are rolling down, when youre pretty much vertical, kick your bum with your heels
It kills all momentum in the kip and stops your body from continuing to swing, plus gives you a flow back to start pulling your legs back forward towards the bar


Did he make a video?

I also just watched the '17 Games on Netflix. They’re freaks!


Unfortunately not, but next time Im in ill try to get one and put it up

Yeah I re-watched it only 2 nights ago
Fitowski will go close this year, I feel fraser will be similar to fronning and wont be caught, unless some new person comes along
As far as the females go, I cant see anyone catching tia or kara, my prediction is that sara will never win (too nice, hasnt got that mean streak)

What are your thoughts on ricky garard?
I feel for him, considering Test gel will do sweet fuck all for performance (atleast at their level)


Now there’s a name that’s made for crossfit


Feeling sick and lethargic
Edit: still turned up, knocked out chest and some clean variations


Good work mate and didn’t look too slow, it just has a long way to go with your long arms. Well done for getting it done even when your feeling cack.


It aint pretty but it works🤙
Thanks mate hope your feeling better aswell


Fikowski is impressive. He looks tall but I just looked up his bio and he’s 6’2". Fraser is 5’7" which is why Brent probably looks so tall.

I was impressed with his snatch for being a taller guy. At 6’2" he looks like a giant so I guess CrossFit isn’t for big people. It makes sense since so many things are done at max effort for time. It takes us longer to move things and takes more energy.

I think Katrin still has a chance to reclaim the title. She won it back to back so I wouldn’t rule her out. It’s partly up to Dave and the event selection. It seems like all of the women have a big weakness somewhere. You don’t see the podium guys taking 20th on any events.

It just takes a couple of weird skills to make a difference in the overall score. The peg board from a couple years ago was a problem for a lot of them. I’m sure CrossFit will find another oddball event to throw at them.

He looked damn good. He was ripped too - just a little bit more than the others. I had to look up what he took - testolone. The article I just read makes me want to take it! Increased muscle mass and stamina, fat loss, and without the negative effects on the reproductive organs.

I didn’t look up the other one. CrossFit has a long list of banned substances, but I believe Shadow Pro wrote an article about how a lot of them don’t have a test to find their presence. CrossFit essentially printed a list of things that might improve your performance and are undetectable.

I’m sure there are a lot of them on something. Hell, Lance Armstrong and other endurance athletes were blood doping. Apparently it helps your endurance if you draw your own blood and put it back after your body has made up for the loss. Craziness!


Malaysian tofu salad
Controversial statement, tofu is ALMOST as delicious as chicken


Given chicken isn’t renowned for it’s flavour, I’m right there with you: tofu almost has as much flavour as something that doesn’t have much flavour.


Tomato and basil kebabs from woolies is > everything.