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Big Jez' Training Log #roadtoSHW



Greetings from the warm continent of Australia, decided to start my training log to hold myself accountable, and to set my main goal, and a few sub goals.
Credit to @khangles for my inspo #roadtosuperheavyweight
I’ll start off with my physical stats and some pics now, and see where this ends up.

Current height - 213cms (grew 2cms in 4 months yew) 7ft for reference
Today’s weight from scale (5.14pm 14/11/17) 122.8kgs
23 years old

My current diet is linked in the photos, this has been calculated for a fat loss diet and differentiates between training and non training days by a PT friend of mine.
Current physical improvements that I feel like I need would definitely be to increase size overall but concentrating on delts, chest, upper back. Feel like I have a solid base with my legs, but improvements will hopefully be made all over.
My current 1RM’s are-
Dead- 260kgs - 535pounds
Bench - 120kgs - 265pounds (only ever gone to this)
Squat - 230kgs - 505pounds
OHP - 105kgs - 230 pounds

My current lifting scheme follows the 531 template over 4 days, however since I’ve started the weight loss template about 6 weeks ago, it’s been pretty much 4 HIIT classes a week by a PT (for an hour each session) with 2 days of hypertrophy training upper body alternating between front and back (chest/back)
The HIIT classes are lots of power cleans, push presses, pull ups, chin ups, box jumps, 200m sprints,assault bikes and prowler sleds.
I’m going to a class today and I’ll try get a photo of the board for reference

Thanks for checking in with my log and hopefully can get some guidance and insight into anything that is being done.

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Time to max out then. No warm up because waste of time, no spot because fear of death motivates you, suicide grip because it sounds cool = PR




How much protein is dat. I’m seeing around about 200g/day. Y not more? You trying to lose weight or get stronger/SHW cos for both I’d go with more protein


Yeah it’s around 220 a day, but will be upped, honestly I wanted to lose excess fat especially around the midsection and back before I started a cleaner bulk than what I’ve always done but you hold a very valid point.
I’ve already dropped from 135kgs to 122 and was planning on continuing to 115/114 which I reckon would be a starting point to then increase again.


Probably increase protein intake to promote favourable changes in body composition i.e. hold onto max muscle. In a deficit and deeper into a cut you’ll need more protein.

Protein Shake



I’m a man of my word and will not be called a liar on my thread

The road to superheavyweight has begun!


Nice to see another aussie around here!. In for your log


Thanks my man! I only know of you and @MarkKO, gotta build them numbers up!


@simo74 @Irishman92 @painter27 @j4gga2 you’re welcome man! Here are 4 other aussies in here i know of. Im pretty sure theres a few others.


Don’t forget @kleinhound


In for this BTW.


Aussie master race assemble!



Maaaate count me in for this, you already have some very good numbers, so be interesting to see the transformation if your focus on body comp. check out @MarkKO log if you want tips on getting lean. Good luck mate.


Thanks mate appreciate it!
Yeah for sure, it’s a daily read for me his log, it’s hard to look proportioned at such a big height so I think just concentrating on packing some mass up top will be of great benefit and see where it leads me :+1:


That potato quality GIF tho. Have I taught you nothing you Teletubby arse looking motherfucker

GuineaPig’s Training Log

Lol I am hearing you but being a short arse I don’t have the same problem. Not that you asked for it but my 2c anyway! With the mass chasing don’t get sucked in by all the bulking shite, just dail the diet to around 500cal over maintenance with plenty of protein and good fat and monitor the weight gain. If the weight gain slows down increase another 500, if you start getting fat dail it down. Slow and steady wins the race even if it does take longer.