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Big Issue with First Test E Injection

Background: 31 year old male. 6’3, 200 lb. Good health. I’ve been lifting weight for years but haven’t been seeing the results I’d like lately so I thought I’d try a cycle of test e after some time researching. Was originally planning on pinning quads, but a friend of mine has had good luck with subq, which I researched and found some stuff from Dr Crisler and other doctors and thought that the whole slow absorption = more even levels and possibly less aromatization was appealing, so I wanted to give this method a try. Intended cycle was 250mg twice per week for ten weeks.

However, after one injection, I ran into an issue and tbh may put the whole cycle on hold because of it. Everything seemed fine with first pin, easy and painless. Then i started to get very sore at injection site around 12 hours after injection. The next morning, i had a very red and very swollen lump that was quite painful. Over the next two days, the redness, size, hardness and soreness increased drastically. Near the end of third day, it started to seem a bit better. It is now significantly less large(but still large tbh), less red, and a lot less painful(but still a little sore) than it was at the peak. Because of this and the fact that my body temp never went above 99.1, I believe that it isn’t a big infection. Is it smart to try to let this go away on it’s own? Also, what do you think may have happened? The concentration of what I have is 500mg/ml. Is high concentration gear more likely to cause this type of reaction? I used a sterile 18g syringe to back load a 28g insulin syringe to inject into stomach fat and used alcohol wipes on top of bottle and injection site. Is subq just a stupid idea? Its five days after injection and this lump is still pretty big, just nowhere near as swollen and red and painful as it was at peak. Should I go to prompt care to have them take a look or will this slowly go away on it’s own(if I do go in, what should I say happened)? This experience has made me reconsider even going through with this cycle. Should I have not trusted ugl stuff regardless of good reviews? Thanks for sharing any opinions you may have.

Uh… yeah it’s the concentration. You get high PIP with high concentrates… basically anything above 250mg/ml starts getting hairy. Short esters are worse. You’re way up there at the concentrate mentioned. You’re either going to suffer, get some new gear, or cut it if you’re capable.

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Is it usual to have a huge red lump at that concentration though?

Yes. Quite common.

Thanks for the input! I appreciate it. I almost went to a doctor for this; I’m going to wait it out and let it heal on it’s own, and abort this cycle until I get something of lower concentration.

jesus , #1 its 100% the concentration and to be honest I didn’t think one could brew that high of concentration…and #2 you don’t want to pin 250 mgs sub q , order reg test cyp or e 250mg/ml and pin your delts with a 27 g 5/8 " needle .

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Dr Crisler was using sub-q for small TRT doses. I did it for a while and found it not any different than IM personally especially if you use insulin syringes for both. It’s probably not worth the lumps you’ll get from doing larger quantities even though the lumps will go away in time.

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Holy Crap!! This is basically unsustainable. It’s going to cause pain regardless of where you pin. You can try to cut it with sterile oil but you risk contamination if you screw up.

I think I am going to try to dilute what I have in the near future to give it another shot(this time IM only). However, the only sterile oil I can find from a lab is cottonseed oil, and I’m pretty certain what I have is in sesame oil. Are these two oils by chance miscible with each other?

I have test e 500 that I regret buying. My first two shots were glutes. Pip was unbearable. I figured maybe 1/2ml subq in my stomach might be better…wrong. I have a golf ball sized lump that is inflamed and hurts like a bitch. 4 days in and it’s not better. I bought some filtered gso and mixed it 50/50 in a new sterile vial. Did a subq in my glute area. No pip at all

Could be the oil. I kid you not, it felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat at the injection site because the pharmacy made my Test. Prop. with Sesame oil. I think I am allergic to it.

This was prescribed? And 250mg/ml?

Dilute it 50/50 with sterile grape seed oil. Easy to find with a google search. I had the same issue with some high-concentration primo. Brutal! Couldn’t sit down without wincing for more than a week. I pulled equal parts gso into syringe before drawing the goods. Completely fixed the problem.

After aborting after this first foray, I have decided to give it another go. This time, I am pinning into the quads, and diluting the solution. I plan on drawing .5 ml of this Test E into the syringe, and then drawing 1 ml of grapeseed oil into the same syringe, which should bring it down to 1.5 ml of a 166.67mg/ml test e solution. I have tamoxifen on hand for PCT. I want to do this right this time. What do y’all think? Am I approaching this the right way this time? Thanks for any help you may bring…

I forgot to add I am planning on doing the 1.5 ml of 166.67mg/ml three times per week for 6 weeks. Would doing this in the quads for 6 weeks be feasible?

First recommendation: pin your glutes, quads can really, really suck.

Second recommendation: run a longer cycle. 6 weeks of Enanthate is really short and just enough time for the blood saturation levels to peak, but not really enough time to take advantage and make quality gains.

To be clear, your plan is to do 750mg/wk for 6 weeks? Why not 500mg/wk for 9 weeks?